Table size disconnect by the pattern

Hello everybody, I have to reboot my computer, but I have save my pattern and my table size, fortunatly for me. But, I have all of this when I want to open my pattern whose is made with size table the program can’t connect the size table with the pattern. Who’s have the solution for me?

Thanks you so much.


When you open your pattern file do you get this message and if yes, can you browse to find your file? In windows the Standard size tables are in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Valentina\tables\standard:

Here’s the message I get when my pattern can’t find it’s measurement file. In this instance I was using an individual measurement file, your directory and measurement file would be different:

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The programme doesn’t find my table. I can’t do nothing with this. Do I have to create another table?

But previously you said

but I have save my pattern and my table size

Can you find your measurements file directly. For example by explorer/finder?

Yes, I have save all, but the programme doesn’t find it and I don’t know why? This is what it said to me: I hope you understand, because it’s in french…

Yes, of course, because i developed these messages. :slight_smile:

As i understand your measurements file doesn’t contain all measurements that need for the pattern. Looks like you loosed some data. Add missed measurements (the app says which names it needs) to the measurements file and try again.

Can you publish your pattern and measurements here or send me on dismine[at]

Valentina is finding your measurement file. But inside the measurement file it can’t find the value for across_chest_f which is used in your pattern. You can open your measurement file by clicking on Measurements/CreateEdit to open your measurement file with the Tape application. Add the measurement for across_chest_f then save and exit Tape. Then open your pattern. Let us know if this worked for you.

Could you write me which refrencies is this measurement, because, mine programe is in french and I don’t know which measurement is. Thanks for your quickly answers.

I have understound now, I’m sorry, I’m a little bit confuse with this program, thanks you for your help

(en) across_chest_f = (fr) carrure_dev

Interesting, the message is in french, and it doesn’t use the translation of the measurement name in the error message.

@d-old should the error message display the translated measurement name when the error message is translated?

Right now no, but as i see for a user this is a bug. I will fix it.

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I have fixed code. Should show translated names from now one.

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No more error message, I found the measurement whose miss. Thank you

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