Test downloads .val .vit .txt .pdf

Testing the download behavior for val, vit, txt, and pdf files

susan.vit (6.1 KB)
EasyTeeShirt.val (22.0 KB)
Easy_Tee_Shirt_instructions.pdf (712.4 KB)
test.txt (25 Bytes) (25 Bytes)

I just tried clicking on them all. pdf and txt were handled appropriately. .vit and .val appear to be treated as txt

Still not working right.
The .txt file should be downloaded, should NOT open in a browser tab.
Same for the .vit and .val files.

I thought that’s what Right Mouse → Save link as… is for? :slight_smile:

Anyhow… the links lack the download in the href tag. ? Interesting… I added the option below and it gets stripped out by the server ???


This is what I attached…

< a class=“attachment” href=“//forum.seamly.io/uploads/db1488/original/2X/5/5819ecc87edb15eb51ff794f7ab9e0503524dd81.txt” download>test.txt

And it doesn’t even open the file in a NEW browser tab! It opens in the forum tab, so you have to “arrow” back to this page!!! It’s not doing something right…

It opens in a new tab for me… I’m using Chrome.

(Is it my imagination, or is there no place in this forum that says what software is running it?)

You’re correct. I’m starting a thread on this, to document the admin info, in case I get hit by the banana truck.

Software Running Forum

<meta name=“generator” content=“Discourse 1.9.0.beta12 - GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple. version 9b4fd0b26bbb68f2b8ab58914389759c9c46eda3”>

Download bvehaviour This is typically a result of the .extension_name not being present in the mime.types file on the host server or a .htaccess file/some such similar override

I think it should be something like
application/valentina+xml val application/tape+xml vit


Thanks @bamba, I’ll look into this!

Here’s the new thread about the forum software:

Discourse Forum Software admin notes