Testing Pattern Cloud - customized measurements export

I finally got back to a little bit of work on testing and decided to customize and export measurements from the pattern cloud for a dress pattern I shared there. I really like the fact that the pattern-cloud user interface makes it easy to identify and add (just a few) measurements that are needed.

@MrDoo could you take a look please, the files are called Leilani_Dress_3.val and the measurement file is "Kim March-Force Leilani Dress 3 rev 1.vit

Everything worked great with one minor exception. In order to open the .vit file on my comptuter using the Jan 13 build - SeamlyMe I had to edit the vit file. I used an XML editor and the only change I made was to change the spelling of the units. The file exported from pattern cloud had the units as “inches” and the SeamlyMe program will only recognize “inch” as the unit. (I did not check extensively for other errors)

Should I create an issue to describe this? I am not sure whether this is inside or outside the scope of what should be documented the issue tracker on github.

@slspencer do you have an opinion?

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@kmf, thanks for raising this issue, I’ll fix it in the next release.

I suggest that issues with the pattern cloud are not tracked in the main github issue tracker used for the application. Issues raised in the forum I’ll add into my plan of upgrades and fixes.

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