The newest version crashes

I downloaded the newest version of Valentina and it worked fine for a few days and now it crashes when I start it up. Is there a fix for this?

When you downloaded the last test build? Do you know that this Monday i published new test build? Did you use elliptical arc?

I need more information to be able to reproduce the problem.

How To Report Valentina Bugs

I never used eliptical arc.

The newest version is the one that crashes

Okay, but how to reproduce? Your description is not enough.

I downloaded and installed the newest test build and clicked on the icon to open it and it crashes. Nothing to reproduce.

When are the new tools going to be made into a stable version?

When they will be ready.

Show me your about Valentina dialog window.

Sorry, forgot that you can’t open the app. Then try to open Tape app.

Tape works. It opens, allows me to create a new file, save the file, and open measurement files

Great! Open Tape and show me About Tape dialog window.

And which OS do you use?

Also you can provide screenshot with crash message.

Windows 10 is my Operating System

Unfortunately i can’t reproduce. My version is working fine.

I just checked on Win 10. Still all is fine.

windows is may keep some data in cache and you may need to uninstall then reinstall in order to get Valentina to work again. windows is particularly unforgiving when it comes to anything but a “clean” stop and start process both for individual programs and the operating system. @kd0afk @d-old i would suggest complete uninstall of valentina then clean reinstall

Hope it will help, but i have doubts. The best way is to build debug version and run it with debugger.