The wiki site failed

The manual site is always failing. Which wiki site for manual can be view for other instructions.

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welcome, @Malcolm.

Unfortunately, there have been insufficient user volunteers to maintain the wiki in a perfect or consistent condition. There are still many valuable resources there and I have copied links to several of these in this message. Seamly2D and SeamlyMe remain as the best open source tool I have been able to locate anywhere and highly useful for those of us who are willing to tolerate less than 100% of what we would expect of a costly commercial product.

I have found this forum to be the most useful resource of all. Please be vocal about your specific questions and there is usually someone here who will help. If you want a resource that you can download to see anytime, I would suggest one or more of the user manuals listed below. Note that the ones that show as “” are probably the most likely to be available any time. The English language manuals are the most complete. Good luck, and please feel free to ask specific questions. There are several helpful people who frequent this forum.


thank you very much for this manual in french, i will put this in my chanel youtube (Syllinah Patronne) really thank you <3