To cut and reposition

Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for my English, I am Italian. my question is:

  1. is it possible to perform the action shown in the picture?
  2. it is possible to simulate the cutting of a piece and move the cut piece to another position? Here attached an examplemanica.pdf (510.2 KB) Thank you for your reply

Hi and Welcome, @Elle_820

Ahhh… this takes me back a few years :slight_smile:

This method is called the “Slash and Spread Method” and yes, it is perfectly possible to do. However, it needs to be done in stages. Here is a link to a tutorial in the Wiki (User Manual) that shows this: Bell Sleeve - Seamly2D

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Thanks. I will study it soon. I’ll let you know

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Questo video potrà esserti utile. È relativo allo slash and spread di un abito incrociato, ma il principio è lo stesso della manica o della gonna.