"Tracing" patterns in Sealmy

Hi everyone!

I have read some blogposts from about 6 years ago, where the topic of importing jpeg/png/etc…-files as sort of a background to be able to trace them in Seamly2D was discussed. Has there been any progress? Is there a way to do this by now? I’ve also read about the Ghost-it software but I feel like this solution isn’t quite the best.

Thanks in advance! Mascha

Hi @Mascha

Yes, there has been some progress in this area. It’s been slow going, and if you read some of the other posts on there, it was almost ready to be uploaded, however, there was an unforseen problem that has delayed it by a few weeks.

I have my fingers crossed that it will happen really soon now :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Hi Mascha…

I’m working on adding images as we speak. I just about had the feature ready to go a few weeks ago when I had a catastrophic hard drive failure and lost the whole kit and kabuddle. :frowning:

On the bright side having to start the feature over from scratch allowed me to rethink things, and in the process I’m making a lot of improvements. :slight_smile:

Optimistically I should have the feature ready to go in a week or two.