Tracing the hem of the sleeve

Hi, I feel sorry but I am stopped once more. My sleeve is successfully done, and I am cutting it now to draw a short sleeve. How can I do to trace the sides of the hem A 182 and A 181 which should line with the angle of the sides of the sleeve once folded ? Thank you


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Haha, you do it in exactly the same way that you flipped the armhole to create the sleeve cap. Use the flip by axis tool, select A179 and A177, press enter, select A182 as the flipping point, and select horizontal from the menu. It will place the points with new numbers attached and then you just need to draw the lines in again. :smile:

You can add seam allowance when you create the pattern but you need to include the hem because it needs to widen to match the sleeve above the line.


It seems so easy when you explain it :smile: I am keeping preciously screenshots of your explanations. Thank you so much for even answering on a Sunday Nice evening