Translation-Wizard pointing at wrong site?

I tried to translate the main page but the page I got through the tool linked on the main page seems to be an old one: Plus, out of whichever reason it didn’t take all translations. Also there is a variable “sitename” that makes Valentina; where are those things stored?

The sitename is created by Miraheze. When we are ready to release our software we will ask Miraheze to change the site name to Seamly2D – that variable is not under our control.

The translations are old, no new translations have been created since I redesigned the wiki layout.

Ok thank you. Well, that has not the highest priority I think as most people in Germany have learned English anyways and there are sites like google translator etc. I’ll focus on the tutorials rather :slight_smile: Want to do them in German, too, I just started out in English because there are more people who understand that language.

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