Translations update

Hey folks… I’ve been working on adding the complete Spansish translations - almost… a bit more on that. So while testing out the various areas of the apps I was reminded by an issue that’s bugged me for a long time, and I’m happy to report I’ve fixed the issue. Has anyone ever noticed how none of the internal Qt widgets (qtbase) - like the file dialogs or the OK / Cancel / Apply / Save buttons are never translated? / Well they will be now… for German, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Ukranian. Someone will need to translate the Canadian, Portugese, Indian, Greek, Indonesian, and Romainian, as Qt does not supply those qtbase translations. I did add the ts files for those though.

Also I fixed another translation issue that’s existed from the beginning. I was wondering why the Linetype names in the drop down were not translating in the dialogs - they should be, as the texts are tr()'d in the LineTypeComboBox class? Well, turns out RT never added the lib/wwidgets folder to the translations project file. Doh. So that’s now fixed as well.

I also found a few other stray texts that were not being translated as the TR checkbox was not checked in a ui form. Also along those lines I also checked the Short Cut dialogs html content so those will all need translating as well. I discovered an interesting feature of Lupdate… if you add a tr() string exactly as one already existing, it will create the new source text and fill in the translation if there was one. Brilliant!

Note to @peterh… I did translate the qtbase for Dutch… a lot of it based on what’s already in the Seamly2d_nl_NL.ts… so once this update is merged you might want to check over those translations to see how I did. :slight_smile: Also there appears to be 147 source texts added since you last translated.

Note to @Blueleto, @csett86 and @fashion.patron… while the French, German and Spanish don’t need the qtbase translations done as they came fromy Qt, there will be a few additions from the current build.

Note to @Goran… unfortunately Qt does not provide the Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin translations for the qtbase - so you would have to translate those as well. :frowning:

So… At any rate the dilaogs will now be completey translated:



BTW… the stupid and unused “What’s this ?” in the file dialogs will be gone in the file dialogs when I upload the feature branch for the new file extentions.

I fixed the Build Revision: xxxxx text in the About dialogs to translate.


Also since I found some of the Spanish translations to be longer than the English text, I fixed a bunch of the forms to add more space to some of the Label texts so they don’t get chopped off or elided. For example I finanlly redid the New Measurement dialog:


Also while I was in SeamlyMe… I fixed another layout thing that bugged me… I moved the list Move Arrows & Delete buttons up and out of the Details group box… while also widening the label space of the detail labels.

Only thing I can’t figure out is translating the Print Page Setup dialog.I suspect it’s because it’s a Print driver dialog and not a Qt dialog.



Thank you very much, @Douglas. You’re a star. :star_struck:


Thank you . Can we download the new translated version now?

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Not yet… I still have to push the changes and create a PR, then have the PR merged. I was hoping to have had it done for yesterday’s release, but I had to figure out how to get the qtbase translations integrated. It should be avilable in next sunday’s release.

Again thanks for your contribution to the translations. :slight_smile:


You can also thank @fashion.patron who provided the Spanish translations. :slight_smile:

Yeah… The lack of the qtbase translatons was another RT thing. I shouldn’t have to be fixing such a basic thing 10 years later. :frowning: It was a task to figure out how to get the qtbase translations… without having to run Lupdate on the Qt source code. Qt provides the qm bin files, but not the ts files. Which would be fine for the languages they did translate, but that doesn’t address other languages already in Seamly that Qt didn’t traslate or ones we want to add. BUT… I found out you can use Lconvert to convert qm files back into ts files. Bingo! Now I have an English qtbase.ts to base any new language on. Of course we may have to address any Qt additions down the road, but I don’t expect the basic buttons like OK | Save | Open | Cancel | Apply to change.


I thank everyone who did translations. Every bit done is so very important, so thank you very, very much Everyone!!!


Ran into another slight snag. The paper templates are not translating. Another case where RT just assumed something works and never checked it. It’s probably not a big thing to fix, but it just takes more time backtracking through the code to figure out where the issue is than it would have been to do it right in the 1st place.



Of course nothing is ever easy with the apps. I’ve went over and over, trying different things to get the Page size formats (templates) to translate. No Bueno. Until I just decided rip the combobox out of the dialogs code, and move it to a subclassed a PageFormatCombobox. Then promoted the combo boxes in the 2 Dialogs… just as I have with most other comboboxes. And guess what? It works. :slight_smile:

So now the size formats translate. While I was at it I added some new formats. Tabloid - 11x17, ANSI C - 17x22, ANSI D - 22x34, and ANSI E - 34x44. Also got rid of the useless clutter of the (96ppi) suffix on all the items as well.



Made 1 last additon to updating the translations… I added the en_GB.ts files for the UK, and added the UK flag icon. So anyone wishing to make some changes for British English, the files are now there. Of course right now, they’re just copies of the American English.



Ooops… one last fix… one I’m surprised there hasn’t been more bug reports on. For now - Math function names can not be translated or it causes an error in the fx editor. I just went through and cleared out any offending translations.


Decided to change the way the Shortcut dialogs are translated to make it easier to maintain. Before the contents was all one html source string,and everytime you make a change - like adding a new shortcut, you have to retranslate the whole string. Not fun. I made each shortcut name & shortcut key sequence a seperate tr() source text, and then assembled them into the html string.

Got the SeamlyMe dialog done… need to redo the Seamly2D dialog.


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Well that was fun… finally got the Seamly2D shortcuts dialog to work. Nothing like finding out what the limits for the number of the arg() method for QString is. For the record… it’s 99. The number of shortcuts is just over 100, double that for the name & key seq, and that was the dilema. Broke it down into multiple html tables and it works. :slight_smile:

@csett86… You will be happy to know, I have solved the mystery of trying to translate Ctrl and Shift in Seamly2D ts files. Since we were missing the qbase translations, if you translate Ctrl in Seamly2S ts files, when a Qt method looks for “Ctrl” , but you’ve translated it to “Strg” it’s not found and you end up with “” where for ex: menus will show no shortcut. But when you leave seamly2d ts files alone and let the qbase ts file translate it’s fine. So we need to remove some “Strg” and “Umschalt” translations from the seamly2d_de_DE.ts file. BTW this is where the “comment” field is handy… and why if one doesn’t know what they are doing to use Linguist as you can put in the comment field “DO NOT TRANSLATE”.

Here’s the Ctrl translation in the QShortcut context: qbase_de

And where the QMenus are calling QShortcut to display the translated key sequences: menus)

I translated the shorcuts key sequences in seamly2d_de_DS.ts, and lupdate found a bunch of existing translations, but there’s still a few unfinished. shortcuts


Since I wasn’t going to get the translations update in yesterdays release (I forgot I had to run the translations test - which had issues I had to fix), I took the time to fix a few other minor ui translation issues.

1)“Pen Toolbar” name was not being translated. Fixed.

2)The Pen Toolbar was not retranslating when switching language - had to quit and restart. Fixed… Pen toolbar now refreshes when language switched.

3)Several dialogs did not allow enough space for longer translated label text… like in the dialog below in Spanish, where Second Point: (Segundo punto:) is chopped off. Fixed… at least for Spanish. I widened the label width in the offending dialogs. Also to save space I removed in other dialogs the redundant “Point:” from “Point name:” (Nombre del punto:) so it’s now just Name: (Nombre:). If other languages present a problem maybe we can look using the form 1st Point…4th Point or Point 1… Point 4.

es_dialog es_dialog_fixed


Sorry for the delay in getting the translations update merged… had to take care of some issues around the house before the snow starts falling.

In any case - and not surprisingly - I found yet several more places where translations were not being made, including the unit suffix in many of the length fields in the tool dialogs. It’s now fixed.



Finally made a PR.

If you can’t wait, you can download an artifact here: