Travis-CI documentation

Let’s put what we learn about Travis-Ci in this thread.
Travis-CI is undergoing some changes. Here is the link for Travis-CI documentation:

I don’t have the energy to try to restate it all here, but please see New section on Wiki regarding Continuous Integration Pipeline for a discussion I started when I first realized travis was making a change to the way they integrated with github.

The short story:

  1. When I first looked into it, github and travis were integrated for the Seamly2D repository in a way that triggered a build process driven by the contents of the file travis.yml

  2. I read documents from several sources, including the that you mentioned above. I discovered that travis would no longer support the integration in the same way after 31 January 2019

  3. I logged on to github, using the fact that I have privileges as a member of the Fashion Freedom Initiative team and created a webhooks so that the builds would continue to be triggered - see this page

  4. It appears to have worked because builds on travis and appveyor still happen