True dart tool

how do you use the true dart tool? is that what i use to create a dart and create the correct fold? (what you would do when you fold out dart in a paper pattern?)


It’s meant to do this:


Where if you were to not true the dart and just stitched A3 to A4 - you would end up with a Vee across A-A3 and A4-A1.

So the tool will create the 2 new points A6 and A7 to extend the dart so that now when you SewA6 to A7 it will be a straight seam across A-A6 and A7-A1.

The tool takes input as line points A and A1, and the dart points A3, A5, and A4. It may help with a curved seam - such as you might find on a pants or skirt waist, but we really need to develop the tool more to handle curved seams.


thank you! i couldn’t figure out what it meant by base line.


Yes. The baseline in my example would be A - A1.