Trueing Darts


I am working on creating a few different types of blocks (fitted skirt, close-fitting bodice, sleeve, basic trouser) in Seamly2D, and I am now at a stage where I need to true my darts and side seams. What is the best way to go about this? Especially for darts, where I am using the line tool, to create the dart legs, rather than the point at a distance tool. I thought I may be able to check the lengths of each line and just adjust them to match, but because I used the line tool, I cannot easily check the lengths. Any help would be highly appreciated.


I think I have solved it. I just need to use these first dart legs as guide lines, and create new point along the line using the “line lengths” in the formulas section to create a new dart leg that is the same length.

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@Natdellas zum Anäher hatte ich mir folgende Gedanken gemacht:

Screenshot 2021-01-24 121611 Screenshot 2021-01-24 121649 Screenshot 2021-01-24 121710

Meine Gerüste bestehen erst immer nur aus Linien. Die Kurven - das Ausgleichen der Nähte - werden erst ganz zum Schluss gemacht. Sollte sich später der Inhalt des Abnähers ändern, ändert sich auch die Kurve mit. Setzte ich den Anfang und auch das Ende der Kurve in Abhängigkeit zu den Ausgangslinien oder -kurven so bleibt der Übergang immer harmonisch. Bei einem Mehrgrößenschnitt ist es wichtig, dass man auf Punkte zurückgreift, die die Sprungwerte berücksichtigen.


Hi @Scholli. I have been using the Metric Pattern Making for Women’s Wear book to create all my blocks and it is interesting because it suggests creating the curves as you go, rather than at the end. Though, I see the advantage of waiting and making sure it will grade well. This is the same for waist shaping on the bodice block. The waist shaping (darts, and side seams) change in proportion to each size, and you must use a formula (based on waist and bust measurement difference) to set the shaping and dart amount, rather than just adding a dart amount in Seamlyme.

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