Ubuntu 20.04 and xPDF

Using ppa: susan-spencer/seamly2d AND ppa:susan-spencer/seamly2d-dayly-build

sudo apt install seamly2d Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: seamly2d : Depends: xpdf but it is not installable E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.


@Marsupilami23 Thank you for letting us know about the PDF problem with Ubuntu. This has been previously reported, so it’s good that’s there’s corroboration.

We’ve been focused on testing the new Windows build pipeline. Now we’re working on the Linux AppImage package.

Ubuntu Launchpad has a spotty reliability record and the packages only run on Ubuntu. Their Snap package build process has similar difficulties.

We’re now switching to building a universal Linux AppImage which will run on Debian, Suse, and other Linux distros. Currently we’re fixing the call to SeamlyMe from within the Seamly2d.appimage.

The new AppImage for Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, RedHat, etc. should be available in about a week. Since AppImages contain all dependencies there’s shouldn’t be a problem with PDF packages.

So this will not be an issue in about a week :smiley:


@slspencer if you choose to provide support for a ppa version with the xpdf dependency fixed I have built and tested this on ubuntu 20.04. I withdrew the pull request on github containing the full set of changes that I tested because I believe that 2 of the 3 files included in the version I tested will be incorporated into the ongoing effort with appimage. There is still a pull request waiting on github to be integrated into the debian build. I believe that pull request 229 needs to be approved and merged, and will address the dependency issue with xpdf. Please ask the developer to contact me if there are any additional questions that are not clearly explained in the comments included with the pull request.

There is one file only affected in pull request 229. The file is dist/debian/control on github and the source change removing xpdf may be viewed by scrolling all the way to the far right side of the window when viewing the differences in the pull request


I tested pull request 222 in my ppa:chilil93/kims-tst-seamly2d. I removed what may be a necessary part of the fix in the file seamly2d.pro because I am attempting not to interfere with the work that mhitza is doing. I am therefore not sure whether pull request 229 is complete enough or not

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The fix I tested also included removing the dependency in travis.yml, but I believe that has potential to affect MAC users and I have no way to test that, so I backed it out of request 229

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This is why we waited on your Pull Request… :slight_smile:


do you want me to test it and see whether it requires the additional change to seamly.pro? I can check fairly quickly

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I just deleted my github fork chililil93/seamly2d and “reforked” it. this will automatically trigger a build on launchpad in my ppa and I will let you know whether the dependency works. If not, I will have one additional pull request tomorrow that will fix it

disclaimer: I am not sure why the xpdf was there in the first place and there is some possibility that removing it from seamly2d.pro will have an unintended consequence on the mac, which I am unable to test for

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The second file does, indeed, need to be corrected. I am checking out of a hotel today to continue my drive home. This is being built automatically in my launch pad “sandbox” ppa and I will be able to test it late this evening and, if it works, I will continue the pull request up to the fashion freedom/seamly2d repository to complete the issue. please check back tomorrow

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@slspencer, I have tested the seamly2d package built on launchpad in my “sandbox” and submitted a pull request in the “main” fashionfreedom/seamly2d repository to complete this issue. Here is a screenshot showing the version I tested


Suggestion: the file affected, seamly2d.pro was automatically generated by qtcreator:

"Project created by QtCreator 2013-06-18T12:36:clock430: "

and reflects a workflow that may or may not still be applicable. I suggest that anyone working on the new, or ultimate workflow for the seamly2d project be aware of this file, how it was generated, and what version of QtCreator and Qt and development platform may have been involved.

At any rate, I suggest that pull request 236 be merged, despite the fact that the check " continuous-integration/appveyor/pr — AppVeyor build failed" shows a failure because I believe that check is irrelvant.

It is possible that the xpdf dependency reflects some functionality that existed in valentina and seamly2d at some point in time. I suggest testing in windows, mac, and all linux versions to determine whether there may be additional changes required. The area to be examined will be pdf file creation, and may manifest itself as a problem with some aspects of print functionality under the layout menu option in the seamly2d main menu.

I am fairly sure that the xpdf issue will not be a problem for anyone who chooses to use the appimage version.

If you intend to support users who install from a ppa, I believe it will still be a problem.

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@Marsupilami23 If you cannot wait for an update there is a work around to get xpdf installed in Ubuntu 20.04 at the link below.



HI @Track5200 - Have you tried the Linux appimage?

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Not yet. I’ve been busy with other things, but I’ll give it a try when I get a chance.

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