Ubuntu 22 trouble

I assume this is related to why we stopped building the AppImage back in April, but I just updated one of my computers to Ubuntu 22, & now the AppImage doesn’t do anything. The AppImage from August 2021, (the last release that predictably worked on Mac,) still runs fine though.

I assume that whenever we start releasing AppImages again we won’t have that problem, but thought it best to include in the record of the trials of development.

Meanwhile, I’m going to figure out installing from Source again. :crazy_face:


Da bin ich ja froh, dass ich mein System noch nicht auf Ubuntu 22 geupdatet habe. Über eine Info, wenn es dann auch wieder unter 22 läuft freue ich mich. Unter Ubuntu 21 stürzt die neueste Version ab, wenn man auf Öffnen oder Datei-> Öffnen geht.


That’s the problem… so many changes have been made in the build workflow it’s hard to pinpoint what’s breaking when & where. The Qt version was switched from 5.9.x to 5.15 2, the gcc compiler to MSVC, Ubuntu from 18.x to 22.

Let me know what you figure out. I’d like to be able to build locally so I can test Linux vers.