Underwire Bras

Hi dear Colleagues, As Newbie I´m not so far to make patterns with this software yet, soon I will start with easy projects, (know bra patterns are more complicated).

But only a thought, only a question, I´m reading several posts around “Bra Pattern-making”

As far I know, the very first step to start pattern construction for “Underwire Bras”, before beginning the pattern-construction, is to know the length and the curve of the wire.

Is this right?


I have found the same issue in discussion about proper sizing for underwires. There are many resources out there. here is one of my favorites especially for bra sewing items. Underwires - Sew Sassy Fabrics


Hello again dear Anna, Thank you for sharing the information.


Hoi Carine, Niet noodzakelijkerwijs. Er zijn ook patroonteken methodes die niet vanuit de beugel ronding werken. Ik werk met de Merckwaerdigh-methode (Margreet van Dam, Nederland) en die is vanuit de ronding van de borst en de tepel. Nadat je de basis hebt getekend dan pas ga je beugellijn-lengtes erin verwerken. Om een basis te tekenen heb je alleen de borstwijdte en de onderborstwijdte nodig. Ik geef hier les in.

Groetjes Esther


Dear Esther, Thank you very much, sounds interesting to me, I am very glad to be here and find such a lot of great people. Maybe it would possible to visiting, let me know more. Greetings Carine