Unite Pieces (Union Tool) without flipping Vertical

So I’m attempting to unite two pieces (to create a pocket bag for jeans):

What I want to do is unite them along the center line to look like this:

However when I unite them, the 2nd piece gets flipped vertically and the result is this (which is NOT ideal):

Is there any way to make this work out within the “Piece” area? Some setting I’m missing?

Or must I create all the points in draft first by employ the “Mirror Objects by Line” or “Mirror Objects by Axis” tools?


For the time being: yes. Since it’s not too hard to do it that way, getting it done in the Piece view has been low priority.


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Yeah… best done in draft mode. Besides, you’ll avoid any unexplained Union tool crashes.

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Okay noted. I’ll just continue as usual. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some extra shortcut I was missing. The mirror tools have been my go-to so far.

But another workaround that I employed has been to open the exported .svg layout in Illustrator/Inkscape and perform the flip and join of the pocket bag. It’s not too much trouble as I generally use Illustrator/Inkscape to adjust the layout slightly for my 42" printer anyway.

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Well, that’s one problem with the Union tool… it only rotates one piece to fit the other, and can’t do a mirror. Thing is if I implement a “union” draft mode tool as Grace has suggested, or basically another twist on the move tool with a flip option, and to be able to snap to some other point(s) - it would kinda render the piece Union tool moot.

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Ahh… (me acting as if I understand the implications or the amount of work involved). Ha ha.

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