Update the Seamly logo

Hey all… Just want to get some feedback.

I’m addressing issue #200 updating the app(s) with the current logo and the file icons - as well as improving the Help menus & About dialogs.

In addition to switching to the current logo, here’s what I came up with for new file icons to get away from the V.


For the Seamly2D app here’s the old & an improved About dialog:



contributors libs system



Will we be able to select the text, so we can copy/paste instead of having to screencap?

It would also be great to have the logo as the AppImage’s icon, so far it’s just had the default “this is an AppImage” icon.

Here’s some quibbles:

  • Our swirly S logo makes me think of copy-paper companies.
  • The .vit icon should maybe have “VIT” in black, for contrast against that yellow.
  • It took me several minutes of staring & telling myself that the .vit had a picture of a measuring tape, for me to actually be able to see the measuring tape instead of a t-square. It’s too angular.

But I hardly ever look at the icons anyway; except for the AppImage.

In spite of my quibbles, I’d say that over-all this is quite fine, & a definite indication that we are indeed moving forward.


Good question. I assume you are referring to being able to cut & paste the build ver/ rev etc? The about tab is created using normal Qt label widgets, where as the other tabs are actually HTML pages… not being at my laptop I’m guessing the about tab is not selectable, whereas the other pages are. If that’s the case I could then take the about tab info and format as an HTML, thus being selectable. OR even better… maybe I could add a “copy to clipboard” button to copy the pertinent info to make it even easier?

Being rather Linux illiterate I’m not quite sure what you mean… could you give me a screencap?

Don’t think that’s going to change… not my call.

I could try that, or use a drop shadow to make the text standout.

I’ll see if I can find a better “tape” graphic.

That’s the idea. :slight_smile: First want to get the UI cleaned up, and then start fixing / adding the issues I’ve already solved, before getting back to addressing some new tools / features.


Sounds good to me!


& below I’ve told it to use the png selected at the bottom, (which I got off the wiki,) as its icon. This is what I think it ought to look like without tinkering:


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I just did a little research… Qt provides the QClipboard class to make it easy to clip. :slight_smile:


Ah. Ok… think I got it. I would assume that’s a default icon is being used? I’m guessing because either the appimage icon is not referenced or a path is incorrect in the Linux build.

I’m definitely going to install Ubuntu this weekend. :slight_smile:


Pneumarian… I found the error in the appimage icon… the name of the png is incorrect in the Linux build file. I’ll include the fix in the logo update(s).


Ok… after taking a look at the yukky “Tape” icon used for SeamlyMe, the SeamlyMe about dialog,taking into account a couple suggestions Pneumarian made, and thinking ahead for future additions, I want to change up a few things that are logo related.

. For one I added a “Copy to Clipboard” toolbutton in the About dialogs… so you can just click the button to copy the build and system info to the clipboard, that you can then paste in an email or bug report.


I’m a firm believer in color coding things as it makes for quick identification without the need to read. I wanted to color code Seamly2D and SeamlyME, and also allow for future development like a marker module - SeamlyMK… so I got:

seamly2D_banner_344x75_ icon64x64 application-x-seamly2d-pattern


seamlyME_banner_391x75 seamlyme i-measurements s-measurements





I love your retractable tape idea for SeamlyMe, but I’m not too fond of the pale blue/green colour, How about a straight blue for the .vit files? And, perhaps, the same icon in green or yellow (I know you don’t like yellow, @Pneumarian) for the .vst files?

And I’ll have to check out what the SeamlyMK Marker Module is. I haven’t seen it yet :blush:

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It’s only in my head at this time. Lol

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I first did the SeamlyMe in yellow… didn’t like it with the red. Just a note… if I did switch all the SeamlyMe icon color it’s a good couple hours of work and conversion… there’s png’s, icon’s, icns’s hidden all the source in various sizes. And thanks to whomever… the file names are not even consistent to say the least! Fixing one thing in the program can be like Alice going down the rabbit hole… you never know what adventure is next. Lol


LOL yup! but is a tape-measure really a tape-measure unless it’s yellow?

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The power of advertising… Ie Stanley tools. Lol

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How about this…

icon64x64 seamly2D_banner_344x75_ application-x-seamly2d-pattern seamlyME_banner_391x75 i-measurements_yellows-measurements_yellow

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I’d say that SeamlyMe is part of the Seamly (not Seamly2D) project though. According to the roadmap, which is possibly quite out of touch with current realities, the project is supposed to include Seamly3D at some point. I guess I’ve been thinking the goal is for it to be the pattern-cutting/fashion-industry cousin of Open/LibreOffice.

I concur. I actually did that in the about text. Also this was the original “yellow” banner …refer above…I changed it to read "Measurement module for SEAMLY2D.

Well that’s my goal at least. :slight_smile: There’s a lot of things to fix to get there though. BTW… just some info to get an idea where I’m coming - among other things, I’ve owned a theatrical costume company and been making patterns for nearly 40 years. We have an Optitex system that we used (and before that a Gerber system) when we were manufacturing commercial costumes… so I know what’s involved in using a professional system. Past 10 years or so we’ve concentrated more on custom period costumes for professional theatres, movies and TV… and that’s where my interest in Valentina / Seamly2D comes in. I have a need to draft period mens clothing, but right now Seamly2D is just not efficient enough - I can draft on paper or modify an existing pattern way quicker. That’s what I’m hopefully going to be able to address with the program.

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& that’s why, though I’m pretty decent at pattern-recognition, your & @Grace’s inputs are Asgardian in my eyes. Not to mention Susan, but she bears Atlas’ burden.

I’m reasonably good with graphics (not so with programming). If I can help, please shout.

LOL, I have a green one, so I totally agree with you.

My 25’ construction tape is (lime) green as well. Obviously NOT a Stanley. LOL

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20201019: Should I be seeing results on this yet? Also, should I post it on the Git for documentation purposes? Maybe in issue #200?

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