Upgrade Misurament system for european

Is it possible add more Pattern making system? I, in Italy use the Burgo system do you know it? Is possible to add?


I’ve been having a look at it and am testing it out from an ebook I found on the internet. It looks really nice :slight_smile:

I’ve created a measurement sheet with the SeamlyME codes on it and am creating the trouser pattern from the book.

Currently, by selecting the system you work from, only the names and descriptions of the codes are changed to those used by the system. However, @slspencer has taken great care to ensure that every measuring point over the body has a code. That is why, when you click ‘add Known’ in SeamlyME, you get a very long list of the codes, and that is why I always start by creating a list of the codes I need before I start. It makes it very easy to just click down the list selecting the ones you wish to work with.

Here is a pdf of my list that I created in Word: Burga Pattern Measurement List.pdf (570.1 KB) which I have sorted into order of code. The numbers on the left are the sequence of the measurements in the book. This way, while I’m drawing my pattern, I can cross-reference easily to make sure I’m using the correct code.

Here is my .vit file, if you’re interested :slight_smile: Burga - Size 44.vit (1.7 KB)

I’ll let you have my trouser pattern file once it’s finished so you can see where I’ve made provision for ease codes. And I’ll also upload the pattern and measurement file onto the pattern cloud so that it can help anyone else who wishes to use the Burgo system.

I’m not a programmer, so I’m hoping someone else will come by and decide whether it can be included into program or not, so I hope this helps you a little. :slight_smile:

Here is the pattern file: Burga Trousers - Size 44.val (55.7 KB)

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