Using 'if' in formulas

Hi, how can I use an ‘if’ formula? For instance… If bra cup size = A, then the degrees of the angle of dart will be 35 degrees and if B, it will be 45 degrees… Are multiple conditions at all possible?

You cannot. Instead use ternary operator ?:.

Like this: a > b ? x : y

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@d-old, Thank you :grinning: I’ll play around with it.

I’m not managing. I have this: ((highbust_circ-bust)<2.5>0)+258.775

And I’d like to add the 2nd step, which would be this: ((highbust_circ-bust)<5>2.5)+252.644

But as soon as I place a “?” or “:”, I get an error.

Please, can you help me?

Your formula is wrong. Can you write your idea with if statement and i will help you to convert it? Because now i don’t understand the idea.

Sure, If(((highbust_circ-bust) ‘is less than’ <2.5 ‘but larger than’ >0) then ‘the degrees’ 259.775 else If(((highbust_circ-bust) ‘is less than’ <5 ‘but larger than’ >2.5) then ‘the degrees’ 253.444 else If(((highbust_circ-bust) ‘is less than’ 7.5< ‘but larger than’ >5) then ‘the degrees’ 247.787

In the image, I’ve worked out the degrees by Inch1; 2 through to 5, which at the outer side of the dart.

So the actual degrees could also be the angle of the lines.

((highbust_circ-bust) >0 && (highbust_circ-bust) <2.5) ? 259.775 : ((highbust_circ-bust) >=2.5 && (highbust_circ-bust) <5) ? 253.444 : 247.787

I don’t know if such construction will work.

You should remember one thing. There must be always a result.


Thank you very much :smile: I’m going to try it right now.

No, it doesn’t work. It definitely doesn’t like the question mark

You are wrong. The formula works. Check error message. Just point a mouse pointer above text “Error” and wait tooltip with message.


Aaaaahhhh… once again… Pure genius :heart_eyes: Thank you very, very much.

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