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I am drafting a shirt block from the Kershaw, Gareth - Patternmaking for Menswear. I’ve found the template file for this book on the and appreciate the matching of the names for measurements between the book and SeamlyMe that are shown on the page.

I have imported the provided .vit template into SeamlyMe, however I am not sure what it actually does. Can someone explain this?

BTW. Huge thanks to everyone involved with putting Seamly together. It is an amazing bit of software and obviously an ernomous amount of work. Kudos!


A vit file is a set of known and / or custom measurements which can be used in formulas in a val pattern file. By using a different set of measurements, a pattern will automatically adjust in size. For example, a vit may contain a measurenent variable @bust_circ. In the pattern a formula could use @bust_circ/2. Then given a vit for Jen with @bust_ circ = 36 and a vit for Sally with @bust_circ = 34… if you load the vit for Jen… the formula will replace @bust_circ with 36 and divide by 2 which gives the formula a value of 18. If you load the vit for Sally, the value will be 17. In other words, the pattern file uses measurement variables which are defined in any number of measurement files. So you only need draft one pattern, that can be made to size by loading a different measurent file.


Thanks Douglas. I understand the concept of different measurements feeding a single pattern to get a properly sized result for each set of measurements. What I was wondering was what that specific Kershaw template provided. I have since opened it in a text editor and found it doesn’t really provide much at all.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <notes>Exported from Date of measurements: 2018-01-04.</notes>
        <given-name>Kershaw Mens</given-name>
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This vit apparently contains no measurements, just personal info.

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Hello and welcome to the Seamly Forum, @widdly

When you installed Seamly2D on your computer, you will notice that there are actually 2 icons on your Desktop. One for Seamly2D and one for SeamlyME.

Seamly2D is for drafting the pattern, creating the pattern pieces and exporting or printing the pattern, while SeamlyME is for the measurements that attach to the pattern.

If you open SeamlyME and then open that measurement file, you will see the measurement codes and will be able to enter your own measurements to use while creating your pattern as @Douglas mentioned above.