Utiliser la Symétrie

Bonjour, j’ai travaillé mon buste de base mais je n’arrive pas à utiliser la symétrie pour l’ouvrir et avoir le morceau du devant au complet. Merci !


Hello @Gauthier

J’utiliserais l’outil Miroir par ligne pour retourner les nœuds et les courbes de l’autre côté du front central :

I would use the Mirror by Line tool to flip the nodes and curves over to the other side of the Centre Front:

Dessinez dans les lignes:

Draw in the lines:


Et voilà, vous avez là le devant complet.

And voilà, there you have the full front piece.

Si vous apportez des modifications au côté gauche, le côté droit s’ajustera automatiquement en conséquence. Si vous ajoutez des éléments sur le côté droit, ils seront uniques sur le côté droit.

If you make changes to the left side, the right side will automatically adjust accordingly. If you add things on the right side, they will be unique to the right side.

J’espère que c’est ce que vous voulez faire. Si ce n’est pas le cas, veuillez me le faire savoir.

I hope this is what you want to do. If it isn’t, please let me know.


A silly remark: Is this concept of symmetry construction really necessary? Of course, the recipe is working. IMHO, it should be sufficient to “plot/print” the part two times and glue them together … ok, glueing is nasty. But how many users have access to output formats bigger than letter/a4 &c (just interested)?

Some nerdy greetz, hp


Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse ! J’ai créer mon axe de symétrie vertical, il y a maintenant une ligne en pointillés verts mais rien ne se passe de l’autre côté… que dois je faire après avoir créer cette ligne ?


I do. We have a 24" vinyl cutter / plotter and 72" Ioline plotter (along with the 4’x6’ digitizing tablet). We also have an old Gerber flatbed plotter… as well as a flatbed vinyl cutter we could stick a pen in… as well as another flatbed plotter that burned out a stepper motor.

That being said… I just used the 24" plotter recently to print out a bunch of vest patterns for a production of Annie we’re working on. In fact I’m modifying some of the vest plots (on paper) right this minute for the livery butlers.


DeepL: Lorsque vous utilisez l’outil Mirror Objects by Axis :

  1. sélectionnez tous les objets à refléter, (en maintenant ctrl,)
  2. appuyez sur enter,
  3. sélectionnez le point par lequel l’axe passe,
  4. ajustez le dialogue Mirror by Axis si nécessaire,
  5. affirmez que c’est OK.

Original English: When using the Mirror Objects by Axis tool:

  1. select all the objects to be mirrored, (while holding ctrl,)
  2. press enter,
  3. select the point through which the axis passes,
  4. adjust the Mirror by Axis dialog as needed,
  5. affirm that it’s OK



Hi, @hpp

Some people don’t print their patterns at all. They send the pattern directly to a cutter, in which case, they need both sides of the pattern piece. It’s not good enough to just use ‘Cut on Fold’ :slight_smile:

And the latest techniques sewers have come up with is to use a projector to project the image of the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out. Once again, it’s easier to have both sides, rather than trying to line up the edge of the fabric fold to the fold line in the image.

And then there’s the 3rd scenario… Some people make patterns for people with physical body differences where the one side is as per the pattern while the other is quite different and will need certain adjustments made to the pattern to get a decent fit. My mum had a hunched left back from a hockey accident at school, so her patterns needed to be a bit wider at the back with a deeper dart at the shoulder and waist.

LOL, my nerdy greetz :slight_smile:


Hi @Grace,

you are perfectly right. Plotting/cutting services are a solution, of course. And I forgot the problem of asymmetric bodies. Sorry. But most charming is the idea with projectors which I didn’t think about. Some kind of blindness (see below) …

@Douglas: I know you have. Maybe I am prone to tunnel vision - I do think too often of “amateurs”. Although, I am aware of the fact that seamly is a software very well suited for professionals who have access to more tools.

Shame on me, hp


J’ai réussis ! Merci à tous pour votre aide ! Bonne journée :slight_smile: