Utiliser les champs dans le plan de coupe - fields in cut plane

Bonjour, hello,

J’ai lu que les champs dans le plan de coupe correspondaient aux marges d’impression nécessaires pour les imprimantes.

I read that the fields in the cut plane correspond to the printing margins needed for the printers.

Mais lorsque je rentre des valeurs dans ce champs, elles ne sont pas prises en compte et mes pièces sont collées sur les bords de la page.

But when I enter values in this field, they are not taken into account and my pieces are pasted on the edges of the page.

Y a-t-il une façon de faire pour pouvoir introduire des marges d’impression?

Is there a way to avoid this?

Merci pour votre aide, thanks for your help

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Have you tried selecting the Ignore Fields box? Does this produce better results?

Yes I tried this but no better results :frowning:

I tried to put different valueds but no better results.

Pieces are placed at the border of the page.

Did you try exporting the pattern for instance as PDF?

If I recall well, you don’t see the margins in valentina, but they are here when you export the pattern.

I tried PDF but I have another problem with it. Only one page is exported and then my pattern is incomplete. Here is my PDF for example. coussinTriangle_1.pdf (1,6 Ko)

But in fact printing margin seems to be correct.

The PDF looks wrong indeed. Which version of the programm do you use? You can see it under Help > About Valentina. Knowing the version number helps us identify / reproduces errors. Can you also post your .val and .vit file? Could you also explain the various steps you did to perform the export?

I think it’s great that you take the time to translate your post in french / english. For readability it would be nicer if you could start with one language and then have the translation, not mix/alternate them. Thanks :slight_smile:

Why do I suspect a more recent ver of Roman’s fork… without your recent changes to the PDF output.

My changes only concerned the tiled PDF so it would be good to know if @miniil did a normal PDF export of the Layout or a tiled PDF export.

@d-old s Valentina also has the tiled PDF changes I made, so who knows if there was a mistake in my code, we’ll just have to check if the error is occurring in Valentina and/or Seamly2D (it could be in both). Let’s wait for @miniil s files and do some testing.

I don’t know :slight_smile: afaik I use a recent version of Romans fork and it has enough bugs, but pdf works fine for me. There is no option in “export to”, but I can “print tiled pdf” and print to a file instead of a printer. I just checked it with a file. miniil’s pdf looks like this on my screen: screen_pdf_valentina

Valentina-version is, it says

So it’s missing all the improvements from this past summer. she should use any test version, 0.6+

Hi, Thanks for your response.

Here is my .val file. No .vit file because my pattern is for a cushion.

coussinTriangle.val (6,0 Ko)

My version of valentina is (it is up to date).

I use version and your .val worked: Screenshot_2017-11-20_09-45-25

coussinTriangle_1.pdf (1,7 KB)

I did have some hassle on a bigger pattern with layout with the latest version of Valentina but you could give it a try, maybe the Win-Version is different.

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Valentina is available for windows in test build

I’ll try this.

Thanks for your help

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