Valetina v0.6.0.56a - Seamly2d

Good Morning,

We are looking for some help with a version issue.

We tested Valentina version on windows (17 December 2017 build) and made some sample pattern, trying now to open this file in Seamly2d the error message :maximum supported version is 0.6.0

In the valentina produced file, the xml tag displays …

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 0.7.4

Even in changing the version number, the compatibility issue seams to remain (even if the error code changes)

As we want to run with seamly2d now it here a way to convert file from old valentina build into new seamly2d ?

Thank you very much Sirivan Atelier

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Sorry for the initial message, after reading more I understand the situation.


if you are able to post your pattern file (.val) and your measurement file (.vit) I will try to figure out any compatibility issue and give you a working copy of your pattern for the latest version of seamly.

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Thank you very much,

@SirivanAtelier, If you want to post the files, you will find an “upload” icon in the window when you reply to a message on this forum.