Variable Table

When I put a new variable table and close it to work on my pattern, the seamly closes too. If I minimize the variable table then I am able to work on my pattern. It only happens on when I add a new variable. I am using a mac computer. It works fine on the old version but not on the test build.


Can you be more specific which old ver works, and which test build does not? You can find the build version (date) in the help->about menu.

Unfortunately, I myself do not have a Mac, so it’s difficult for me to debug Mac related issues. I have to rely on Mac users to test if a fix works.

We’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:


Seamly 2D Variables.pdf (87.6 KB)


Hi @Shrymp,

Thank you for the additional info.

You may want to try installing the latest test build, as I think somewhere between the Oct 21 2020 and current build the issue you’re having may have been fixed. BTW… the fix probably applies to the History Dialog which suffers the same issue.

It’s related to how the Mac OS handles the closing of dialogs / windows vs Windows and Linux.

Let me know if installing the latest build works, or if we have to look into the issue further,