Ventana de la Calculadora se Muestra Recortada (Calculator Window Shown Cropped)

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La Calculadora de Seamly2d no se muestra correctamente. no puedo expandirlo o ampliarlo para que se muestre bien. Uso Windows, creo que la ultima version.

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The Seamless2d Calculator is not displayed correctly. I can’t expand or enlarge it to make it display right. I use Windows, I think the latest version.

Captura de pantalla_20230201_110632

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Hmmm… very strange. I just checked on the most very recent Windows version - I just built, and it’s fine. Until I go into the Windiws settings and change the Scale to 125%. Then it looks like your screencap. Can I assume you’ve changed the scale setting? If this is the case, it’s not an bug / issue with the app per se, but rather this part is not setup to adapt to display scaling larger than the Windows recommended 100%.

At any rate, I looked at the form for the Calculator, and the max size is fixed. I can change that so the dialog can automatically expand to fit.


I assume this fix will have universal effect. I just checked & I have the same issue in Linux, probably for the reason you found.


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Bei mir funktioniert der Rechner.

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Hola, gracias por responder.

En lo personal no he tocado nada relacionado con la escala en la PC. Y en realidad no me pasa con ninguna otra ventana en Seamly2D. Siempre trato de tener la última versión de Seamly2D, y este problema me pasa desde versiones anteriores.

No lo habia mencionado antes, porque desde mi punto de vista, no es tan imprescindible, por que cualquier PC tiene una calculadora básica.

Pero me gusta que Seamly2D este bien en todo, hasta en los pequeños detalles. Si les toma mucho tiempo arreglar eso, realmente creo que no vale la pena.

La opción que propones me parece muy bien.

Hello, thanks for answering.

Personally I have not touched anything related to scaling on PC. And it doesn’t actually happen to me with any other window in Seamless2D. I always try to have the latest version of Seamless2D, and this problem happens to me since previous versions.

I had not mentioned it before, because from my point of view, it is not so essential, because any PC has a basic calculator.

But I like that Seamless2D is good in everything, even in the small details. If it takes them a long time to fix that, I really don’t think it’s worth it.

The option you propose seems fine to me.

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Hola La calculadora si funciona. Pero, en mi caso, no se muestra toda la ventana Por lo que se hace difícil trabajar con la calculadora de Seamly2D.

Hello The calculator does work. But, in my case, the whole window is not shown. So it becomes difficult to work with the calculator of Seamless2D

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Yes… it should fix the issue across the board. Like I said, the dialog form is currently “fixed” to a max width and height in pixels… if I set the form to be expanding it should adjust to the contents.

It’s an easy fix… just a few changes in the form editor.



I pushed changes to fix the Calculator and the Decimal Chart utilities. Once it’s merged, if I remember I’ll post a link to the (pre)release here. I made the dialogs so they can better adapt to a larger font. With the Calculator it can now be resized if need be.

I’d appreciate feedback if the fix works for everyone else. :slight_smile:


Hola :slightly_smiling_face: Muchísimas Gracias!! Esto fue tan rápido!! Son detalles que hacen a Seamly2D mas amigable. En cuanto lo compruebe, les hago saber. De nuevo gracias :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much!! This was so fast!! These are details that make Seamly2D more friendly. As soon as I check, I’ll let you know. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like I said this was an easy fix. :slight_smile:

Just needed to change a few properties for the dialog form in the editor… just made it Expanding (so it should auto adjust to contents) and unlimited in max size(so it can manually be resized). Before it was Fixed at min size of 0 x 0 and max size 280 x 275 so the contents was getting cropped, and you couldn’t resize larger than 280 x 275. I also set the min size to 280 x 275 so in the case of 100% scale the dialog can’t be sized smaller than the full Calculator. In your case you will probably be able to size it where it starts cropping, but it should open full size. If I put a little more effort into it I could change the actual dialog code to fully adjust to the screen resolution and remember the size of the dialog should a user resize it… but I think this should suffice.



Prerelease now available:


@Douglas, is there a Windows 10 - 32bit installer available?

Hola :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya descargue esta version. Y funciona correctamente. :tada: :tada: :tada: Muchas Gracias @Douglas ! I already downloaded this version. And it works correctly. :tada: :tada: :tada: Thank you very much @Douglas !

Captura de pantalla_20230204_064450

Pero al expandirse o ampliar la ventana no lo hace proporcionalmente, se muestra asi: But when expanding or extending the window it does not do it proportionally, it is shown like this:

Captura de pantalla_20230204_064556 Captura de pantalla_20230204_065142

Pero no creo que sea importante. El problema principal esta resuelto. :clap: :clap: :clap: But I don’t think it’s important. The main problem is solved. :clap: :clap: :clap:


The main repo no longer supports 32 bit builds, I’ll work on it in my fork. I need to update from the main without losing my workflows.

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Thank you. It’s not urgent, I reinstalled the 2021 release so that I can keep working. :blush: