Video and Blog Tutorials

Hi everyone,

I have been hard at work creating a blog and youtube videos to teach people how to use Seamly2D. You can find the blog at and the links to the videos are on the page.

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to go soundless on the videos and I’ve tried to make my actions as slow and carefully as possible so that it’s clear to everyone regardless of language. I’ve introduced some captions in English, however, I still need to find out how these work in Youtube.

As far as the blog is concerned, I’ve tried to type everything in so that one may right-click on the page and have it auto translated into any language that you choose when you use Google Chrome. The blog is still under consideration and construction, so it may change in the future, however, the location and content won’t.

Since I’m working my way through the Burgo method of pattern making, this is what I’ve started with.


Hi again, everyone

I’ve just uploaded the latest part to my blog - Part 4 - The basic sleeve foundation and the video is uploaded to Youtube and on the blog.