Weird notch

The notch at B14 is reversed. I think the path is ordered properly. Did I do something wrong or this is a bug?


Feifei - Injoo - Bodice & Sleeve Sloper 240415 001.sm2d (45.7 KB) Feifei.smis (3.8 KB)

Sort of & no and no. This is like a really odd edge case where the B14 just happens to fall in a sweet spot where it’s causing the notch routine to draw the notch incorrectly. It’s a fact of life with using real numbers and rounding error. :pensive:

By adding .01 to the Point on Spline formula it fixes it. May only need to be less than that.


Adjusting the angle of the control points at AI’ also fixes the notch. image

Screenshot 2024-04-15 234529

But… where you may be wrong is the angle at which the 2 splines end at AD (and the fact that the control points are not formulized - which means the pattern won’t resize correctly - but that’s another topic). The angles should probably be at 180 and 0 assuming AD is at the bottom of the armhole. By adjusting those, the notch also fixes itself.


Screenshot 2024-04-15 234527


Thanks. Following your advice, I wiggled the spline a bit, and it got fixed :grinning:

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Glad you got it to work. Usually when a piece is not drawing correctly there’s something wrong with the path, or a control point angle of a spline endpoint is flipped 180 degs. Not the case here… it just happened that the notch point and spline ended up where the math didn’t work. May be an interesting case to run this pattern through the debugger and see exactly why the math aint working to produce a perpendicular line at the notch point. Maybe I could prevent this anomaly in the future. :slight_smile: