What to do with front dart when placing side pocket

Hello folks,

I am struggling with drafting a side pocket for my skirt. I want to have a side slant pocket but can’t figure out what to do with the front dart that the pocket is interfering with. Shall I move to dart towards the skirt center and make it both on the front panel and the pocket back? That seems too heavy for the dart construction. Or is there another way?

I would be grateful for any guidance. Thanks!


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I would move the dart more towards the centre fold - enough to allow the dart to be on the main skirt fabric. The pocket back can be a cm or 2 narrower so that it doesn’t overlap the dart. Even the pocket opening could be 1cm narrower so that you don’t need to move the dart too much.

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I’d agree with @Grace… move the dart towards the center front so the dart is no longer over the pocket opening. In fact, I’d place the darts so they’re more or less centered on the front piece - which looks like it will place it well away from the pocket opening. Or you could change the angle of the pocket opening so it’s not over the dart. Either of course is a style choice. If you want the opening at that angle - move the darts, if you want the darts where they are - change the angle of the opening.

Of course if you’re going to be using the pattern for multiple sizes, check the smallest size you expect to use to see if there are any issues with the dart and pocket - assuming the pocket size remains the same.


Thanks, I will try that!

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