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Das Programm hat mir meinen Arbeitsalltag enorm erleichtert und ist für meinen kleinen Betrieb nur mit Zeit und keinen zusätzlichen Kosten verbunden. Danke für ALLES


With only a bit of formula-crafting I can turn out patterns that fit all my family —including the dolls.

Also hopefully someday I’m confident enough that if anyone out & about asks where they could get such cute outfits I can tell them, “Let me take X measurements, Y $$$, & Z days & it’s yours with only one fit check!”



Seamly2D has forced me to learn flat pattern making, which has been an incredible journey. Working off a basic pattern, I can quickly create new designs in much less time that it took me to create them by hand. I am eternally grateful.

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I knew how to draft patterns from pen and paper, and just a little bit about moulage. I was using Inkscape to draw and keep track of some things, but had no real ideas about grading or how to make things that really fit.

When friends asked me to share some patterns, I looked for a real software that wouln’t cost me too much. I was searching for a software online when I found SeamlyMe’s .pdf user’s manual by accident. And there you go !

I took Maguy Girardey’s course on Seamly2D two years ago and that really got me started. The course is in french, whith a lot of videos and overview on each and every tool.

As Grace said before, Seamly2D forced me to think about how flat patterns really work. It made me work a lot on my own practice, seek for intel, ask for help and improve in ways I thought were lost for good ! (I really owe Seamly2D and this forum for mending my relationship with maths :star_struck:)

Each time I pass by the forum, I am amazed by the patience and the kindness Grace, Douglas, Pneumarian, slspencer and many other care to share knowledge with, and many of you helped me to gain the confidence needed to be independant with the software.

I love Seamly2D because it is a very, very good tool. It does what I expect it to do. And by that I mean that most of the time, if it’s not doing what I want, it is probably eather because I am doing it wrong, or it might be done in a smoothier way. And Seamly2D is probably the only software with which I take this as an axiom, because when in need, the answers I find on this forum always make sense.

And I love this peaceful, gentle and smart forum at least as much.


Seamly 2D es lo maximo :heart_eyes:. En lo personal me encanta!!! Facilita muchas cosas en el arte del patronaje. Despues de conocer esta maravillosa herramienta, me anime a emprender en la confeccion de ropa infantil, hace 2 años atras, aunque ahora esta en pausa. (@ziidai_). Porque Seamly2D tiene lo basico que se nesecita para esto; se puede escalar, dar margenes de costura, clasificar patrones, exporta en distintos formatos, etc… y sigue teniendo grandes mejoras con el tiempo. Realmente es una aplicacion con mucho potencial.

Tambien me encanta este foro. Douglas, Grace, Pneumarian, Slspencer, Scholli, son tan amables en responder y ayudar a buscar soluciones :blush: (siempre me respondieron con amabilidad cuando hacia preguntas que eran muy obvias :see_no_evil: )Gracias a ellos y a todos los miembros del foro que no temen preguntar, he aprendido muchisimo. Aunque mi idioma es el español y leo toda la informacion con el traductor de Google, y algunas cosas se me hacen dificil de entender. Pero eso no me detiene. :muscle:

Muchisimas gracias por todo. :hugs:

Seamless 2D is the best :heart_eyes:. Personally, I love it!!! It facilitates many things in the art of pattern making. After learning about this wonderful tool, I was encouraged to start making children’s clothing, 2 years ago, although it is currently on hiatus. (@ziidai_). Because Seamly2D has the basics that are needed for this; it can be scaled, give seam allowances, classify patterns, export in different formats, etc… and it continues to have great improvements over time. It really is an application with a lot of potential.

I also love this forum. Douglas, Grace, Pneumarian, Slspencer, Scholli, are so kind to answer and help find solutions :blush: (they always responded nicely when I asked questions that were very obvious :see_no_evil: ) Thanks to them and all the forum members who Don’t be afraid to ask, I’ve learned a lot. Although my language is Spanish and I read all the information with the Google translator, and some things are difficult for me to understand. But that doesn’t stop me. :muscle:

Thank you very much for everything. :hugs: (Google Translate)


Seamly solves the problem of making patterns for garments which do not exist in regular sizes, e.g. mens’ wear for 5ft men, who otherwise might have to run naked in the near future. I am able to use (not only, but mainly) Aldrich’s and Gilewska’s recipes, and even better, I can modify them. Thanks to parametrics, and of course pattern making systems!

… and special thanks for all those nice conversations.


Seamly makes it easier to make patterns that fits my needs as a wheelchair person. Paper and pen is clumsy for me to use. The program is very easy to use and the forum solves most of the problems you get.


Love that you’re not dependent on a Windows system or emulator. Love the no-frills structure and that you can build anything from scratch, and that you can develop your own systematics as well. Love the community :green_heart:. Absolutely amazed at what the Seamly team has managed to build at absolutely no additional cost for the users.