Why I can't add the line lengths in the SeamlyME measurement?

Hi everybody,

it seems like for some reason I am unable to add line lengths (or any other input) from the drafted pattern into the SeamlyMe measurements. The menu just stays blank and if I insert the measurement (for example: Line_A41_A12) I get the error message.

What’s the problem? I access the measurement file through the ‘‘Edit current’’ menu option (so SeamlyMe and Seamly2D file should be connected).

I hope my explanation is clear enough - if not I would be more than happy to explain it further more!


Hi & welcome to Seamly2D Forum, @danijel100

The SeamlyME is a measurement file where you store the measurements that are taken from the person or article and it is used in Seamly2D, not the other way around.

If you read this post, Reference of segment length and creation order of draft blocks, I explain the order of things in the pattern file saving. So, affectively, since the measurement file is one of the first in the list, line lengths aren’t available in the measurement file, so there’s no point in allowing SeamlyME to have that option.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


I started to respond to this yesterday, but then I realized something (confusing) that the OP exposed… and I needed to be at my laptop to access SeamlyMe to verify.

A user can click the function tool button (Fx) that opens the Edit measurement dialog, issue being that other than Measurements & Functions the other variables are meaningless within the SeamlyMe context. They should not be accessible… either not shown at all, or greyed out. I’d be inclined to just remove those items not used as there would never be case where they’re usable in ME - which greying out would indicate. Out of sight, out of mind. The dialog is the same class that’s shared with the tools in Seamly2D… there’s a couple relatively simple ways to fix this.

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Upon further inspection I did notice that the “hide empty measurements” does grey out for the unusable variables… not that that helps indicate those variables are inaccessible. It does make sense though with the “Functions” as they have no value.

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I think the same template (widget?) was used in both programs so that one would have access to both other measurements in the file and the mathematical functions at the bottom. Once a person knows why they don’t show, I don’t think it’s too much of a problem at this point.


Yes… same dialog class… but not tailored to SeamlyMe. Could either duplicate the class and remove the extraneous variables OR add and set a flag in the SeamlyMe app, check the flag in the dialog class, and if it’s set for SeamlyMe, don’t add those variables to the dialog. The flag would be set to default to Seamly2D in the class, so wouldn’t even need to change the existing code in Seamly2D.

True… it’s probably why I had to do a double take and look at the app at home before making a comment. It’s not that hard to fix the dialog. Thing is there are too many of these “once a user knows” issues in the app. The app has a steep learning curve to begin with, so the less confusion for new users the better - IMO.