Win version not in exe release

Hi, I used a link on bintray bintray [dot] com [slash] dismine [slash] Valentina [slash] valentina-win_auto-upload # files to download the latest release for Win in zip version because the PC I work on does not allow me running .exe Now that link no longer works … Is it possible to download it from another source? Thanks

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Is it redirecting you to too? Apparently they’ve deprecated bintray. Of course, I think your best option would be to regretfully forget Valentina, & switch to using Seamly exclusively. But assuming that you are not interested in taking that step, try contacting Dismine about it on his new Valentina website: Contact | Smart pattern


Why not just open the .exe in an utility such as 7-zip and extract the installation? The exe is nothing but a self extracting zip file.

Hmmm… I could modify the Github workflow to build a Seamly Win ver in zip format.

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