Window "Detail Mode" is empty

Hi there! My name is Mona an I am new here. First i have to say thank you for the valentina software - i really love it! And sorry - my english is not very good, but i´ll try to explain my problem as good as i can… I´ve made a pattern yesterday and did the Pieces in Detail Mode too. The Layout Mode was ok. At the beginning all works fine. But now my detail mode is “empty” and i am not able to control my pieces or make changes anymore like i can’t delete pieces and so on (and the Layout Mode is still ok!)… why?

I have made screen pictures from each mode for better understanding. Wird hochgeladen… Wird hochgeladen… Wird hochgeladen…

I’m using the new valentina software on my Macbook Pro. In all other (older/and or new) patterns the detail mode is working fine. Can you help me?

Hi @Mona,

Which languages do you know?

Please, fix your post. I don’t see images.

Sure, send me your pattern on and i will see what is wrong with it. I promise not to share your file.:slight_smile:

@Mona, i sended you fixed file.

Because Valentina doesn’t control max scale factor your pieces became very small and almost invisible. Also you had problem with label far away from its piece.

Thank you for your bug report. I will try fix scale factor to prevent such cases in future.