(Winifred Aldrich Method) How can I make the shoulder line?

I’m stuck on this part where I have to create 9-11

I want to create the shoulder line 9-11 with my measurement and then adjust it to touch the line that should have been made from instructions 1-10

I’m a total beginner.

Can anyone help me?

I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!


Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @lacanon09

There is a very easy solution to this one, once someone’s shown it to you…

My labels don’t correspond to yours, I just grabbed a random pattern to explain.

Pick up the Point - Intersect Arc and Line tool, select the 1st point on the line, in my case it’s A15, and then the 2nd point on the line, mine is A16. Then select the neck side node (A10) as the centre of the arc. Enter the formula “Shoulder length + 1” and click on OK.

Then you can pick up the Line Between 2 Points tool and draw in the shoulder line:



Thank you so much! I could finish the bodice yesterday. It’ll be a long way for me to master this wonderful program but I’m really loving it so far!