WRONG ID erreur


I have this error message and do not know how to find the exact location of the problem.image

Due to this, I can’t save my file.

Many thanks again for your help!

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Hi @Zamalia

Do you have a saved copy before you got this error message? If so, you should be able to click on the OK and close the program. Re-open the program and try to load the pattern. If it won’t let you open the program and you get another error message, then please send me that file (.val) and the measurements file (.vit/vst) and I will try to repair it for you.

If you have never saved the file, please let me know and I will think about how I can help you.

Hi Grace & thank you!

Yes, fortunately I had a save copy and did what you advice. Close it and reopen on the latest version. For now, the error message did not come again (even if I did the same actions I guess).

I was just wondering if the code mentioned (my/mx/idObject) would be useful for us to find by ourselves the exact location of the problem if ever it happens again?



I can’t explain exactly what caused the problem. It could be that you deleted something that was attached to the pattern, or it could have been while you were creating something back in the history of the pattern or it could have been just been a power glitch. So many things could have caused it.

My and Mx are the x & y positions of the node on the drawing board. IdObject is just the unique number of the node in the process that you created it and that the label name is attached to. These don’t have any relation to the error except that it was while you were accessing these to place your node when something went wrong.

I’m not a programmer, only a user :slight_smile: And I give back to the program by helping people on this forum. So I could be really wrong. However, I’ve learnt from experience that when you have done so much work that you would hate to do it again, do a Save as backup and add something to the end to create a son/father/grandfather backup system at different stages, so that you can go back through steps if something goes wrong like this.

For now, let’s be happy that it’s working just fine :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting me know that you are going again & have fun :slight_smile:

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This is something that happens occasionally with Seamly2D after a complex object has been deleted.

If an object (point, curve, arc) is used in a complex operation (rotate, internal path, join) and subsequently deleted, the reference to that object’s ID is still in the “<modelling>” section of the .val file. So this error is generated because it was incompletely deleted from the file.

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