XML editor

These are links to an XML editor that I have found useful in examining .val and .vit files.

It is not a prettily packaged ready to use product, but if you are willing to build it from source I have and it runs on KUbuntu 18.04, built with Qt creator 4.5.2 using Qt 5.9.5. (If you don’t already understand what I just said about versions, this is not the tool for you yet.)

If you run windows, you are in luck if the version they distribute on sourceforge works as well as the one built from source.

All that said, here are the links.

Project site:

Source code hosted at GitHub (moved from Google Code)

Report issues at:

Discussion group: http://groups.google.com/group/qxmledit-discuss

There could be some features that are only available in the newest source, but you can install this editor with the Ubuntu Software tool. No problem to run this editor under Ubuntu disco.

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welcome @bernt! I have just discovered the QxmlEdit tool and I find it quite useful. I cloned the latest version from the github repository. I welcome any comments you may have on the subject

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I’ve been using Notepad ++ for years and totally love and understand it :slight_smile: so I was wondering if there was one for Ubuntu and found this one: Install Notepadqq (Notepad++ like Editor) in Ubuntu 18.04, 17.10

Perhaps you would like to try it and compare :slight_smile:

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I will take a look at it. thanks

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one of the really interesting things about Notepadqq for me is the fact that it is deployed as a SNAP. This is one of the major ways that Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are attempting to evolve past the complex way that libraries are involved with PPA, tarball, debian, etc in distributing and installing software It might even force me to figure out how SNAP packaging works.

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Ok, then I guess it’s a good thing :slight_smile: I’ll have to go & read up on what PPA, tarball & debian, etc. are :slight_smile:

when you install a program on mac or windows, the program is (presumed to be) self contained. because of the way that Linux distributions, including the many different “flavors” of ubuntu are released and updated, it is likely that few systems have identical configurations. There are many ways to install software and this site describes a few of them. It is like the difference in trying to make a garment fit a real human (linux) or a known size dress form (windows, mac) https://www.howtogeek.com/117579/htg-explains-how-software-installation-package-managers-work-on-linux/

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if you want to explore the XML file in any detail, you might want to take a look at the QXmlEditor. It has a lot more functionality that notepad++.

Here is the manual qxmledit/doc at master · lbellonda/qxmledit · GitHub QXmlEdit_manual.pdf CAUTION you might want to make a local copy of the file to read and not just open it in your browser on this forum - it would not perform well. (Don’t ask how I know this)

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