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Hey it’s 2024 and TIME TO DONATE! :gift_heart::hugs: Please give $10 if you :heart: @Grace image , :heart: @Douglas image , :heart: @Pneumarian image , :heart: @csett86 image, :heart: @hnaehmann image, and others who donate their time to develop code, answer your questions, build Windows MacOS and Linux versions, and provide translations.

Donate $10 via Paypal or Credit/Debit card.

They give their time and talents, all we ask in return is ten bucks. Make your yearly $10 donation..

Please show us your love and support with your yearly $10 donation. I love our team. If each of you gave $10, we could fix the issues list. Come on, admit it, you love Seamly. You’re the best community in open source, and let’s make this community even better. Donate today and make the Seamly dream come true. You’re awesomely creative, and Seamly lets you prove it. Keep Seamly going and make it better with your $10 donation.

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