Zero point bug

When I move point A to location X=0, Y=0 I get this error:

Can not create intersection point A1 from point A
to curve Arc_A_2 with an axis angle of 135°

Using origin point as a place holder until pattern is corrected.

Any other location & it intersects with the full circle without trouble.

Of course, tempting as it is, I’ll just avoid lining up zero points when I have Intersection Point of Arc and Axis coming off them, but as it is a bug, I thought I’d better add it to the pile.

Oh yes, release date 20220411, Ubuntu 20. But Valentina claiming to be from June 2020 (I didn’t think I had that recent a copy of Valentina) does the same thing, so it’s certainly an old & niche bug.


Not a bug… by moving point A (and thus the whole block) there apparently is no longer an intersection… the other option is the program crashing. I’m sure there’s probably a 1000 other locations you could move point A and get the same result. In other words there is no issue in moving point A to 0,0, but rather by doing so it’s breaking a dependency in your pattern, so the only known constant point 0,0 is used as a place holder. The same thing can happen if applying a measurement in a formula that forces an intersection point out of range.


But the fact that it doesn’t acknowledge the intersection is a bug? The arc starts at 0°, ends at 360°, has A as its axis, & when I move A to 0,0 suddenly a 135° ray with A also as its axis doesn’t intersect the arc making a full circle around it? (Same story with the 45° & 270° [ETA: & presumably all] intersections.) If there really are a bunch of other locations this could occur this is very definitely something needing fixed.


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It’s not what I thought was happening. It appears it may have something to do within the BuildRay() routine… where it expects some value greater than 0. Seems the .0, .0 origin is throwing it off. If there’s no ray, there’s no intersect. If you move A to 0.0, 0.00001 it works. It’s like Fuzzy math in reverse. LOL I may have to run this through the debugger to track the values in real time to see what it’s doing or not doing.