Big scale table plotter

Almost finished my new plotter. Based on a version from Norbert at CNC v2.1 - HomoFaciens

You can find more infos about this project on my hackaday-profile

Just added some pics and videos- Tell me what you think…


Here are some pics of the making process…

08 49


and the pen-lift

Wow this looks really good. Are you keeping your code and hardware docs in a versioning system?

the y-axis

what do you mean?

Ate you storing your work on github, gitlab, bitbucket or sparkleshare?

no, just on my dropbox and on The code for arduino is very basic…

Ok, is great, just wanted to know if other could people could help you with development.

Yes, the could. Would need some help with the software. As I said, it’s very basic… But it works great. Just the svg-file from libre-fashion are not working. Still have to open them with libre-office and resave them.

Do you save them as .svg, or another file type?

sure, as svg I don’t know the difference between these files, but they are differend…

I just realised that I do some changes :wink: The svg-file has to be converted into polygones to be printeble with my software.

Here are the files… Valentina shirt_44_valentina

after saving in libre-office shirt_44_libre-office


How do you make these changes? How is the svg converted to polygones, is there an option to do this, or is this a manual process?

There is an option. Changings-Convert-Convert to Polygone

@slspencer the images above posted by @tailor_s are invisible to me in the forum. This is another instance of the problem with the forum software that you already noted.

Nice! Any plans to use a drag-knife?

And they show for me. Gremlins I tell ya. :wink:

That’s another whole ball of wax than plotting with a pen. We have 2 different flat bed cutters at my shop, and depending on the material you’re cutting it can be tricky. Everything from blade angle, blade pressure, number of passes, cutting speed, speed at the corners, corner offset, lift dwell, down speed, etc… all have an effect on the cut. In other words the software is more complex than just moving a pen.


sounds like it would be fun to experiment with a cutting laser. I can see many issues with that as well, particularly since all “fabric” is not created equal. some may burn through with neat trimmed edges. Others may melt or catch fire