Circle Skirt

How do I create a circle skirt? I have the inner circle and the outer circle. I am having problem joining the inner and outer circle as a pattern piece using the workpiece tool. My only solution was to add a seam allowance with a formula to get the outer circle. But this doesn’t solve the seam allowance needed for the inner circle which is a negative. I can create a circle skirt if it’s on a fold. Does all circle skirt need to be created on a fold?

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Hi, @Shrymp, yes, it saves a lot of paper in printing the pattern if you only do a quarter pattern and then fold your fabric two ways if you only want a one piece circle. However, this type of circle skirt doesn’t allow for the shape of the hips or fabric pattern, etc.

Here is a topic created by @slspencer on circle skirts: Circle Skirt pattern that you may find helpful. :slight_smile:

Hi Grace, It wasn’t really a skirt but a circle flounce. It’s pretty small so I was wanting a full circle. I can put it on a fold with no problem but was wondering if there was a way to add a seam allowance on the inner circle and outer circle. I even tried a negative seam allowance but that didn’t work on just a circle. So far my only solution was drawing the inner circle minus the seam allowance in the draw mode then adding that seam allowance plus the length plus the hem on the detail. Hmmmm I don’t think I can get the passmark with it though.

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Hi again, No you can’t put a seam allowance on an internal path. I know because I’ve tried :slight_smile:

Perhaps draw the pattern, including the seam allowance and create a small line where you would like the passmark to be.