Comprehensive Manual?

Is there a comprehensive manual available showing all the tools and procedures for Seamly? I have seen a wiki type manual that is essentially blank, and I’m aware that there are various videos. But I am looking for one resource that I can read cover to cover and learn the basics as well as advanced material. Thank you


Hi there!

Short answer: No. Unless “comprehensive” means something besides “comprehending the entire span of a subject.”

But I don’t know that I’m qualified to make an accurate response, at least not this week. I do know that the lead devs have expressed an interest in attracting the attention of a gifted tech-writer in need of an ongoing project.


Are you referring to this?

That would be wonderful if we could find someone. It’s something I could do, but my time is better spent on the applications. Thing is there’s probably going to be some rapid changes / additions to the apps as I’m finally getting comfortable with a work flow… meaning a manual will probably need lots of updating.


I’m also a bit confused by this. Do you mean that you wish to learn the program? Or do you want something that will teach you pattern making and the program?

If it’s the 2nd one, the beauty and versatility of the program is that one can use any pattern making book to learn from and create the patterns in Seamly2D, and you are not bound inside the boundaries of only making garment patterns, but also quilting designs, bags, shoes, etc… I’ve even used it to design templates for boxes with windows for cupcakes.

I am of the opinion that the most important part to learn is to use the program. As you go, you will need to find solutions on how to do something, and this is where you look through the tools to find the best tool to do the job.

As soon as you pick up a tool, you get a small screen help in the bottom left of the screen that will tell you what to do next, so keep an eye on this space when you’re using a tool for the 1st time.

Here are some very old (2017) pdf’s that I created while I was learning the program. The Working with the Tools pdf is a 2-page quick reference on the tools that can be very handy to keep on hand while learning.

As @Douglas has said, there are some major changes being made to the software, so it’s not really feasible to do a new manual at this point, although I do agree that it is necessary, because there are so many amazing things being introduced at this point.


Brilliant! I can relate as I’ve had to make custom corrugated plastic shipping boxes for certain show costumes - mainly for Beauty & the Beast. and I keep a small drawing for when I need o make a new one.

Great… now you got me thinking about how to add dimensions in a layout to place measurement lines & text from the formula data. LOL


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I put the dimensions into Variables. That way, I can just edit them in the pattern without having to open any measurement files and instead of hard-coding them into the design.

CupCakeBox2.val (32.4 KB)

This was only square, but it will give you an idea :slight_smile:

I made this pattern to cut out on the Silhouette Cameo on pre-printed cardboard. The idea was to just fold the box around the cupcake to not damage the icing. I also made a smaller insert that holds the cupcake in place so that it doesn’t squish against the sides of the box.


I meant dimension lines… that have arrows at each end and indicate how long a measurement is. For ex… like if I made a box pattern of l x w x h… I’m not going to print a full size pattern, I just need to know the dimensions. It would nice to be able to have a measurement file with l, w, h, and print a scale drawing with the formulaized measurements.