Consider new name...Again?

Hi everyone!

Several businesses and potential partners have provided some consistent feedback. They want to use our software in their business workflow, STEM programs, etc. They don’t understand the names ‘Valentina’, ‘LibreFashion’, etc.
The suggestion is to rebrand as Seamly2D.
The benefits:

  • professional
  • easy to understand
  • easy to brand
  • implies that there will be more (3D, etc.)

Background: Currently, we are using Seamly, LLC whenever a business ID is needed. This is how we can be a Windows-approved package and a Mac-approved package, have long-lasting security certificates, have accounts on Dreamhost, DigitalOcean, etc.

NLnet is creating a non-profit foundation which will hold the open source software license for this project in perpetuity. (Similar model to the Linux Project). We’re looking for several additional open source advocates to be directors on the board. So even if I or anyone else who drives the train for this software gets hit by the proverbial banana truck, NLNet will keep this project going. You and the software will not be affected. :relieved:

BTW, we own and

So…What does everyone think about renaming to Seamly2D?

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Seamly2D definitely sounds more professional to me. I like it more than LibreFashion. Just Seamly, without 2D is not an option?

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Seamly is the company, like Autodesk.

Seamly2D is software, like Autodesk123.
(Note: Autodesk123 was never open source but it was free, now it’s not available anymore. Because it wasn’t open source, no one could stop Autodesk from taking it off the market! But you can see the similarity between Seamly2D and Autodesk123, even if both are not open source.)

Seamly3D would be a separate software package from Seamly2D. 3D features are very different, use different libraries, require different coding skillsets, etc. This modular approach will allow programmers to more easily develop these features, and have a different release cycle than with the 2D features.

Naming the suite of tools this way should really pay off in terms of business interest and partnerships.


I was never fond of the name LibreFasion… and the fact that posters are already abbreviating it with LF - which in of itself is confusing with Line Feed - should be one clue it may not be best name.

Without getting into the weeds of the psychology of product naming - if potential outside partners are questioning the name, clearly they see the lack of the marketability of the name LibreFashion like I do. It may work for example as a magazine, but not as pattern software.

I like the idea of using Seamly2D… and any future derivations of the name… Seamly3D, SeamlyCut… etc. It follows my original idea of using a common name to identify different modules of a suite. My only concern would be the use of the name Tape. The obvious choice would be SeamlyTape… Question is should there be a total clean break from Valentina / Tape to avoid confusion? If so… what name - ahem - would fit the bill?


Seamly2D sounds good to me. When it isn’t ambiguous people will shorten it to Seamly, which is also good. Its friendly sounding, short, has an obvious origin, and will match tightly on google - all good things.


Ok, it’s time for another poll…


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Very wise to team-up with it’s open-source promoting and a renowned organisation in the Netherlands. I vote for Seamly2D but it does not ring a bell.


Hi @HansLeeuw! Did you vote in the poll? Vote on name upgrade

@slspencer Yes. I was the first one.
Can you explain why Seamly2D? Seam from seam in clothing?

Is it a logical name? Does it ring a bell in the rest of the world? If you want us to clap in our hands you have some missionary work to do.

Seamly is the company name, which sponsors the cost of this software project. Seamly2D could be the name for our open source 2D software. Seamly3D could be the name for our open source 3D software. This naming scheme resonates more with the companies and educational institutions that I have been talking with. There is another ‘Valentina Project’ associated with women in tech. And ‘LibreFashion’ isn’t really professional, it sounds more like a media campaign.

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Good question! I like SeamlyYou or SeamlyMe for measurements. The current measurement features are somewhat minimal, and difficult to use. We want to incorporate 3D visualization and the ability to point-and-click to choose the measurements, etc

It a tough one… You or Me - works for me. Probably better to use a less literal take on measurement(s). Only thing I could come up with is SeamlyRule.

SeamlyMe would play with the word measurement. Why not SeamlyTape, if you want to stick on Seamly?

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Seamly (2D, 3D etc) all sound good to me. Much better than LibreFashion, which I never felt remotely comfortable with. So I’m on board with the proposed change.

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To avoid any confusion with Valentina and Tape.

Well, ok, I don’t see how I could be confused here, but I somehow understand your point. For me Tape is just a routine that you need in order to work with Valentina. For me also SeamlyTape, written like this, is just a routine used and called from Seamly2D. You don’t confuse a real tape that you use to take measurements on a body with the program Tape, do you?

But of course, SeamlyMe or SeamlyYou would be nice, too. :slight_smile: I also came just this moment up with the idea of SeamlyTable, as Tape is just a table of measurements (although that could be confused with the table of variables :thinking:)

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I suppose seamlysize is not precise enough. I did not even notice the multisize option until I had already started creating patterns with individual measurement files and I think of them as “Ann-size” “Betty-size” “Cathy-size” etc because I was so strongly convinced that each person (at a given point in time" is a unique size/shape and that ready to wear sizes fit nobody well and can only be useful if the fabric is so stretchy/drapey/great in texture that it distracts from improper fit. Wrap ties, Velcro, or multiple buttons can be used if a garment needs to be useful for multiple people and alterations are not an option. So I see seamlysize as a tool for recording a “my size” or “your size” file. And the great thing about my favorite “insert name here” pattern creation tool is that within a broadly defined range of sizes one pattern will fit all (given an appropriate size file". That is my dissertation for the week. I am back to internet silence for a while

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