Vote on name upgrade

Should we upgrade our name to Seamly2D?
Read this for backstory: Consider new name...Again?

  • Let’s update to Seamly2D
  • Let’s stay with LibreFashion

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Seamly2D is really good

Honestly, ‘Seamly’ makes me cringe a little, but it is better than ‘LibreFashion’, sooo… yeah…

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Yeah, all branding is a bit creepy :slight_smile:

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Hey… at least we’re not trying to come up with some meaningless name for a drug… like Taltz. Lol

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I assume that Seamly2D has been definitly chosen because the name is already beeing implemented in parts of the code. Is it possible to close the poll and make a new thread to announce “officially” the new name? Just for the sake of clarity. That would be great!

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Thanks @ronanletiec! Will do that right away.