Current Auto-generated Layout is inefficient

Continuing the discussion from Idea: New printing option: Coloured overlapping layouts:

Two problems I can think of,

  1. it doesn’t have the option to layout according to grainline
  1. I know it runs by algorithm, not intelligence, but sometimes it will fit two pieces into a something like ten inch space when allowed two feet, but can’t figure out how to do it when given 14"
  • Clicking “Save length of sheet” often has it using more length than leaving it unchecked.

Yup… and that’s why I said for an average jacket and pants I can layout the pieces faster/ better. I’m doing it by what I’ve learned - or intelligence. I also know where I can cheat to fit pieces in… at least in the sense of a cut layout AKA marker.


This is one of those requirements of producing a marker that makes me think a better long term solution is to produce a proper marker section / module, rather than trying to cram more features into the existing layout section that only had printing in mind.