Manually layout/adjust layout

Continuing the discussion from Idea: New printing option: Coloured overlapping layouts:

While it is possible to move pattern pieces around in the detailing screen, & export them that way, this does not allow one to:

  1. choose a defined paper size to use,

  2. rotate pattern pieces to fit better,

  3. or export to a split PDF.

Therefore, since the detailing screen is meant for detailing, (yes, like a car, I’ll be happy to get used to a different term if one ever gets implemented.) the pattern pieces, not laying them out, it would be very nice to be able to manually adjust the layout on the layout screen, rather than having to rely on the machine, especially since we humans sometimes think of revolutionary new ways of doing things.

It should include the ability to snap the grainlines to the compass points.

If anyone wants to discuss improving the algorithm for the machine, that discussion is over that way :point_right: Current Auto-generated Layout is inefficient :point_left:

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