How to build with Qt

This thread discusses how to build with Qt. Here are quotes from another thread:


From what I’ve deciphered - the forms are done in Qt Creator which outputs the XML .ui files that get compiled into the windows, menus, drop down boxes , dialogs, etc.

Here’s the familiar main window UI in Creator where you can see the layout for the Measurements menus…

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I use Qt Creator as well for developing. It was what dismine recommended me to install and it’s working very well.

In the current state, the thing we have to think of is that the min supported version of Qt is 5.2.0 (see the readme file (, I hope it’s up to date). So if we use a newer version of Qt while developing, make sure the functions you are using are available in 5.2.0 as well.

I do have Qt installed by default on Ubuntu, but I installed it nonetheless using the official installer. It makes it more flexible to switch between various versions of Qt, you can even install several versions parallel for test purposes. I installed it under /opt/Qt/ and because some .so libraries weren’t found even though they are in the installation of Qt, I added the path to those libraries, following the instructions on this page : How to set the environmental variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH in linux - Stack Overflow (see first answer).

I hope this helps!

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Maybe a update on the minimum is in order?.. the current Qt is 5.9.1

I assume you wanted:

Yes I did, thank you for poiting that out, I edited my post.

Yes with an update we would have probably more functionalities. If we update the minimum Qt version allowed, some of the developers might have to update their Qt. Here I found an interesting topic on how Qt is included for endusers : Does Qt require the user to install a certain framework on a desktop? | Qt Forum . I must say I have no ideas how builds are made, i should get into that.

Other than a little time - not a big deal - it can be had for free. :slight_smile: A quick google search and I saw that Qt 5.2 is at least 2 1/2 years old.

So old already? Then we should definitely update! I don’t know what’s the best thing to do, taking the newest version (i do work with it and it works fine), or still taking an older version like 5.7 … I have no idea what’s the best practice!

Now that we are changing quite a few things (bitbucket to git etc), it’s probably the best time to make other “big” changes.

Probably even older than that… saw another ref to dl’ing 5.2.0 in Feb 2014.

If your computer is powerful enough, you could use virtual box and have a sandbox linux distribution to try configuring the way you need for developing valentina.

I’m not home right now, I’m at my parents and I was getting restless as well and wanted to try the new git repository and so on. My father has a mageia distrubution and a virtual box with windows, an ubuntu and a fedora. So I used the ubuntu in the virtual box to test things and get everything to work :slight_smile:

You could do the same until your power cord arrives? I haven’t experienced any big problems setting up the machine with a standard ubuntu distribution. If it helps I could make a quick wiki with the various steps and problems I encountered. I don’t know about Kubuntu though, if the KDE makes additional problems.

We could change the min required Qt version to 5.9. We would not lose support of Windows 7 or OSX 10.10, but we would lose Ubuntu 14.04. See this Qt doc

the issue with KUbuntu is that it is distributed with the KDE Plasma desktop built on Qt. I am trying to keep this particular sandbox clean so I can always have a place to check my email, browse the forums, use ebay, and things like that even if I have done something stupid.

My power cord will be here tomorrow. :slight_smile:

meanwhile I will probably get off the computer and go sew something

If I may make a suggestion… (Seriously, though, it would make a lot of sense to be able to develop for the all the major platforms + web with a single, modern codebase.)

I’m not sure a game engine is appropriate for an event-driven application. It could certainly work, but I think it would be a lot of overhead for things that we don’t actually need. I imagine the constantly running nature of a game engine would also negatively impact things like a laptop’s battery life.

I agree. there is no reason not to continue to use Qt, which ALSO is a single modern codebase

Keith, if you haven’t looked it up, Qt (software) - Wikipedia

I am a firm believer in If it is not broke, don’t fix it

Fair enough. It would be a natural for TAPE 2.0, though. (…though static images of 3D models showing the positions of the body points would work, too.)

once the specification of the .vit file is unambiguious, there is nothing stopping you or anyone else from reinventing a tool to take measurements

Yup. @slspencer says she should have Doxygen done by the end of the week, so I can start. I’m working on the framework until then. It should come together fairly quickly once all the resources are in place.

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Hey our Code Signing software signing certificate just expired.
I ordered a new one, we should receive it sometime this week or early next week.

If you want to be on the build team, and build releases of this software, let me know so I can send it to you when I get it.

You will need this Code Signing Certificate on your system so that your build doesn’t generate anti-virus warnings when users install your build.


As it stands it would be somewhat a job to uncouple from Qt and recode all the UI stuff… stick with Qt.

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To be so lucky… since I had nothing to pattern or cut today I got to fix a bunch of broken Rowenta Irons. LOL

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