Introductions Thread

I thought it might be nice to have a thread where people could introduce themselves and their experience in the field(s), what they’re hoping to contribute, etc, etc.

So, I’ll go first. :slight_smile: ahems

BEHOLD! It is I. Reverend Luficarius van Ratspeed, Esq. XLII [cue dramatic cape swoosh]

I am here before you as a long time enthusiast in bespoke tailoring endeavors and clothing industry reform. I came into the scene with primarily a background in graphic design and web design, but have over 33 years in personal computing experience. My interests in tailoring came from a general interest in costuming, but was unaware of the vast depths of traditional bespoke tailoring history and culture. I became fascinated and set forth in learning all that I could of the trade, which has been called by some as a “dying art.” I see potential in reviving the prevalence of bespoke tailoring by use of computer-aided drafting and fitting/draping tools. Valentina, combined with virtual physics engines and 3D rendering software could lead to a resurgence, lowering the cost of manufacturing, reducing our need for megalopoliptic factories, and re-open the door for individual crafts(wo)men and tailoring houses. Much like how 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, so could FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)!


Hi Ratspeed, I agree, completely. Laurent

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Hi, I went to college when CAD was first becoming available to the industry and my college was not an early adapter. I ended up 15years in retail because I could not find a job in the production industry. Then I met an independent designer and started helping make hand drafted patterns for her line, that lead to other designers, and then begin pursuing my own line, but needed extra income so I managed a drapery work room for 5 years. We lived in Austin, I was being under paid in one of the most expensive cities in the US. So I started looking elsewhere to work, I landed a job in Kansas as a Prototype Supervisor for a military contractor who wanted to take on commercial accounts. 2 months into my position they fired the salesman who supported the commercial accounts, I knew my days were numbered when they didn’t replace him. 6 months and a week after I was hired, I completed the last commercial job and was terminated. They did not have a proper patternmaking system which hindered our work, I was learning to use CAD 2007 and take that into Lectra Diamino 2007 for cutting or build a marker in CAD for printing, they didn’t keep anything up to date. It was archaic to say the least. Shortly after my termination I found out I have stage 2B cervical cancer. I’m almost thru treatment, responding well. I want to make PDF patterns to sell of my work and want to learn to use Valentina to aid in that.

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Hi @mlwear , Welcome to the forum! So glad you found Valentina, and also glad your treatment is going well. We’d like to hear any and all feedback that you have about the program. Can we call you by your first name?


Hi, my name is Ronan. I’m french but i’ve been living for many years in Germany.

I work as a web developper (frontend & backend), using mostly php, html5, css & javascript. I studied computer sciences in France, back then our software courses were based at first on Java and then on C++. It’s been 7 years since I last coded in C++ but I’m sure it’s not all forgoten :slight_smile:

In my spare time I like to sew and as it’s more difficult for men to find nice sewing patterns, I became interested in making my own patterns. A few years ago I bought the book “Metric pattern cutting for menswear” from Winifred Aldrich and started to draw my own patterns.

A few weeks ago I discovered Valentina as I got interested in making the pattern directly on the computer. And what can I say … I’m thrilled by this project, you have done awesome work and I’m sure a great future lies ahead of this software!

My view of pattern making is thus from the DIY side more than from the industrial side.

I’m new to contributing to open source projects, but I’ll do my best to help.


Mark here.

Vancouver BC, Canada.

I was searching for “open source pattern sloper software” and Valentina was the second result returned and it looked kind of interesting so here I am.

I like to sew. Still relatively new at it. I have a BabyLock serger and sewing machine. I’ve sewn a shirt, pants, underwear, hoodies, etc.

I haven’t seen a lot of patterns for men online so I was excited when I came across It has a great online pattern generator for various items. I was curious how this was being done and wondered if I could design and generate my own patterns. I have no experience in this at all. Grabbing a copy of "Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear " by by Aldrich, Winifred from my local library tomorrow. I should be an expert by friday! :smile:

From a tech standpoint I’ve been refreshing my C/C++ knowledge. Also comfortable with Java, Nodejs, LAMP stack, etc. I’m working mostly on mac these days.

I’m a member of the Vancouver Hackspace and I also like to doodle around with art stuff too

Anyways I’m interested in seeing what can be done on this project!

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Hello there to you all

My name is Teodora and I sew for 25 years. I used Pattern maker for many years for creating patterns but now I tried your Valentina and I really like it. I will use it for developing new patterns. Since I sew,crochet and knit there is plenty way to use it. Since English is not my native language I can not really express myself professionally but as much as I can I will help. I never use others patterns. I make them. Regarding my IT knowledge,it is very basic. I do know how use many programs but I am not pro in any. Thanks for creating this beautiful program and to share it for free. If I can help I would like to. Maybe with advice for improvement regarding tools or so. Hope to enjoy and help here

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Hi @Teodoragodar!


You don’t have to post in English. You may post in your own language and we will do our best to translate and assist you. You may inspire others to speak up too!

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to express handicrafts and instructions in another language. We all understand this problem!

Oh I really apologize for late reply. I didn’t see it. Good to know about language. Usually my English is enough for common conversation but professional terms are not really easy. I just posted question on a wrong place so I will try to ask here. I developed basic bodice pattern today and I have issue with extracting darts from back piece. I created two different layouts so back piece and dart part and off course program is recognizing it as two different layouts and I need darts to be subtracted from back piece. Could you please help me how to let’s say cut out part from some piece? Second issue that I have is modeling after I developed basic pattern. I don’t see any cutting tool or option to move or rotate pieces. Is that even possible with this program? As much as I saw people are mentioning modeling so I do believe that it is but I don`t know where and how. Thanks for your kindness and responding and one more time sorry for late reply.

@Teodoragodar, can you post screenshots? I want to be sure i understood you correct.

Here it is. I need that dart part to subtract from back piece.

If it stay as it is now than it set it for printing as separate part

Oh, this, yes we know about this issue.

Right now we do not provide a solution (watch issue #509), i can only give you a hack. Find point on line a48_a12 and when creating a path move through this point to dart and back to a path. Like this.

For now this is only one possible way to describe an internal dart. Currently i am doing redesign that will bring this feature.

Please, show us an example. It is hard to tell what do you need in your case.

Oh great.I understand. Thank yu for explanation.

Something like this. You create your basic pattern like this skirt and than you cut it and re position parts to get new model.,d.bGg&psig=AFQjCNF9dQTjyyXbeXbbYRI6SbOEtN1eUQ&ust=1479066669450987

I hope you understand now. You do that with every pattern. You create basic bodice or skirt or pants and than you use slice tool and remodel it.

I used for many years pattern maker and it has cutting,moving,rotating and much more tools that help you to play with your design. Maybe I use wrong word so that is why I am confusing you. Sorry

Yes, i understood. This is modeling and not simple one. You need a test build. It provides Rotate tool that you can use to achieve this.

What is that test build? I dont need exactly this modeling,it was just first online that I found to explain. I just need to know if its possible to do modeling with Valentina and maybe some tutorial.