Latest Weekly Release - Windows

Good day, everyone

It has been a while now that I can’t find a Windows release on the latest weekly releases. There are only zip files for some other system and for the code:


My latest installation is 24 May 2021:


I may have missed one or two weekly releases, but not more than that.

Am I missing something? Or looking in the wrong place? Please help.

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The job actions are automated and only the jobs that are successful are uploaded. The source code always shows up.

I just checked the last weekly build job action and it’s saying the build was successful, but the the bundling of the VC_dist failed due to:

SignTool Error: No certificates were found that met all the given criteria.

Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

Didn’t check them all, but the for last few months the weekly Windows build distributions seemed to have failed. It appears to apply to the Linux distros as well… going even further back.

If you want I could zip together a build from my latest Background Image branch for you?


Thank you for checking. I wasn’t sure what’s going on. That would be wonderful, if you could, please.

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Since you will already have the Seamly user->appdata dir for the prefs and the VC++ lib installed, I could just zip my build dir - which you could extract and just run from there… or I could (should) figure out how to set up to bundle a Windows VC dist install… which will then repair the VC++ - which still baffles me why the Seamly install does that. The lib is there, no need to fix or reinstall it.

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You can just zip it up for me, but it’s not a rush. I just want to be able to help people when they ask questions on here. I’m also (slowly-slowly) setting up a spread sheet of words that need translating in the program.


I can just run Lupdate from the Creator API and it will output out the ts files used to make the qm binaray files. Lupdate takes all the text in the source wrapped by tr() - for example:

gradationHeightsLabel = new QLabel(tr("Height:"), this); the Label word “height” gets translated

…and spits out a n XML doc that will contain entries like the following: from one of the Finnish translation files:

        <source>add detail</source>
        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>

Anywhere you see “unfinished” - or in this case un Finnished LOL - a translation is needed. If for example a translation exists it will look like:

    <source>Auto-save modified pattern</source>
    <translation type="vanished">Tallenna automaattisesti muokattu kaava</translation>

So anyone wishing to help translate they need the current ts files to edit. The ts files are then run through Lrelease which then creates the binary qm files used to look up the translations at run time. I haven’t really look to far into it yet, but Creator may provide an interface where one doesn’t have to edit the ts files directly. I think you configure Creator as to which languages you want to translate.

In other words… the translation process is somewhat automated in Creator as to WHAT needs to be translated.


Ooohhh… Ok, so my spreadsheet is totally moot point, then.

Ok, I’ll wait for you to reach a point where doing this is viable. Thank you very much :upside_down_face:

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Yeah… kinda of. But just a note… it may be useful at some point for someone to compare a current ts file against the app to see if there are places where a translation is missing. In other words I can’t say for sure whether every label, dialog title, tool tips, status tip, etc is set to be translated - either in the code or via Creator forms. For example I try and make sure I put text items in the tr() function or the boxes in a Creator form are checked like below.



Actually once the I push the Dialogs update, which is really more a major overhaul of the UI with changes to a lot of the tool name / titles / tooltips, status tips … we will really need to update the translations. I’ll be on vacation for awhile so I’m going to get a bunch of stuff pushed, and I’ll make it a point to look at running an Lupdate, and we can go from there.



I looked into the translations a bit more… as I suspected there is a stand alone app QtLinguist that is a TS file editor. So the idea is a developer would run lupdate on the source files to produce the TS files. Those TS file(s) could be handed off to someone else to translate - using QtLinguist . They send the translated TS files back to the developer to run lrelease on it / them to produce the QM file(s). The updated TS and QM files are then pushed to the repo.

Here’s a look at QtLinguist with the French TS file for Seamly2D: As you can see there is a list of all the tr()'s on the left. While one could edit the TS directly, it’s obviously easier safer to use QtLinguist to edit them.



Olá,estou ansiosa para ver essa tradução para o português . Baixei o seamly ,cliquei na opinião idioma português e não ouve resultado .


Not sure what you’re looking at? I just switched the language to Portuguese and here’s the Preferences dialog: As you can see some of the text is translated - some is not. That’s what we’re discussing - the fact the translations need updating as some of the GUI text has been added to, corrected, or simply cleaned up.



Let’s move the translations discussion to this topic already open: Program Languages - Translations