Margin setting warning, Please Help

I need some help with setting the printing. A warning came up on my screen while trying to make a tiled PDF:

What shall I do? For margins I set it to zero. Then this warning came up. I set it back to 1.00cm, which (if I remember correctly) is the default. Yet, this warning still comes up. Please help.

Here is the resulting PDF: Ankle Length Flared Culottes_1.pdf (1016.2 KB)

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Yes, the Valentina Dev favors a hard-coded margin. This is one of the many issues which we are attempting to rectify in the Seamly fork. We would love for you to join us here, but if you’re needing help with Valentina you will need to look them up on Facebook or Telegram.

That said, I believe the margins are 11mm.


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I believe it’s 10mm.


Hello @Cockroach

I’m on Windows 10, so I don’t get the same warnings. However, Acrobat Reader always has a margin of 2.5mm, in which it doesn’t print anything:


So if you set the margins to 0, there will still be this blank space.

After generating my layouts, I normally go File>Layouts>Preview Tiled PDF to do my settings:


Just click on the ok in the box that pops up & then I click the grid tiles & open the Page Setup options:

The lines generated in the program are actually hard-coded, so the margins between the margin and the lines will always be 1cm. The only margins that will be affected are those between the edge of the paper and where the image starts printing.

I hope that this clears things up a wee bit for you :slight_smile:


Are you sure you can’t change the margins in Acrobat - to like zero? I don’t really use acrobat, but I did find this:

“It’s pretty lame that it’s so buried, but you actually can change the margins through the header and footer dialog box. Go under “Documents,” select “Header and Footer,” and in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog box the top, bottom, right, and left margins can be changed there.”

If Acrobat is adding a 2.5 mm margin, then it seems the content scale will not be correct. Either an exported page from Seamly2D is going to get cropped, or shrunk to fit. If it’s just a Word document no big deal, but with a pattern it is.

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Yes, I checked it out. In Seamly I do manage, but in Valentina, it’s hard coded.

The “hard coding” is probably true, but then that means the margins are coming from the Seamly2D/ Valentina app, NOT Acrobat. Which would stand to reason… a PDF is just a document container, and Acrobat is not a document editor - therefore it shouldn’t add any margins. In other words if there are 2.5mm margins in a (tiled) PDF export, they should show up in Libre Office as well.

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Thank you all very much. I’m a little confused, though. I thought Valentina is Seamly2D, just a changed name. But, are they different programs?

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Thank you. :grinning: I’m going to try this at home. I’m glad to learn about the preview option. (I knew there must be one somewhere.)

What I was trying to do by setting the margins to zero, was to print the pattern so that I wouldn’t have to do so much cutting. But, after seeing the lines didn’t go to the edge of the paper, I set it back, still got the warning sign (tried it again and again), and then started to kind of panic, thinking I messed something up for good.

But anyway, thank you for this. I’m going to try setting the margins through the tiled preview. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The 2 forked about 5 years ago, so they’re moving further and further away from each other.

I discovered, a few days ago, that Valentina also has a ‘Puzzle’ option where you can lay your patterns out as you wish - to save paper, etc. I’m not too sure how it works, but you can play around with it:


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LOL, maybe not - I don’t know what to call it - but when you change the margins, only the margins from the edge of the paper differ, where the side and the top/bottom cross, there is a 1cm extension outside of the square towards the margins. It doesn’t do this in Seamly, only in Valentina.


Lest the trolls accuse us of stealing some other common feature - No comment. :wink:


That has to be something then that has changed in V since the fork.

The point I’m trying to make is that any margins placed in a PDF should only come from Seamly2D. We should be able to set the margins to zeo… and any side that does have a margin should overlap any adjacent page. For example… if one has a borderless printer (which most any recently made printer that prints photos is) , you should be able to set the top and left margins to 0, and the bottom and right to .25 inches in Seamly2D… creating a tiled PDF that needs no pages to be cut… regardless of whatever app you the print the PDF pages from @ 100% scale.

Can we? Is the question.

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I went into this a few years ago when I was replying to someone on here: Tiled preview doesn't match printed pages? - #5 by Grace

And at the time, this was correct as far as acrobat reader is concerned. I don’t know if things have changed since, but normally, when one is printing a borderless photo, you would be printing a jpg, png, svg or any of a multitude of other image files, and will set your printer to bordeless printing.


I was about to send this yesterday, but I had to wait 21 hours to renew the number of replies I can make as a new member. Anyway, I tried setting the margin through the tiled preview. Everything was set on 10.00mm. Two sides of the PDF were “working” (the left and bottom), but two sides were not (the top and right). By working, I mean, the pattern was within the dotted cut line. I fiddled with the margin settings, but the previews didn’t seem affected by it the way I thought they would be.

I thought the pattern would move left, right, up or down. . .and they did, but the dotted scissors “cut” line moved with it, just as if the dotted line were part of the pattern. It may not be a margin issue after all, but I don’t know. I’m actually not sure what I might have done to make it that way. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Here are a couple of tile examples:

Also, something weird: I figured out by the words/labels printed on the pattern that if I cut everything as the dotted lines prescribe than the pattern should come out whole. It’s weird that the pattern gets printed beyond the dotted line, but anything beyond it is like a duplicate of what’s printed on the next page.

It’s weird and I’d like to fix it (particularly to have that space devoted to the real pattern; save on ink and paper), but it works for now as far as I can tell. I’m going to try printing it and lining it up to see.

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And, thank you, Grace, for the Open Puzzle alert. That’s the kind of thing I love! I’ll try updating Valentina to get it. Thank you all. I don’t know if any of you have heard of this printing problem, but ideas on solving it are appreciated. Right now I’m just kind of clueless. I used to think it was a margin problem, but it doesn’t look like that now. Or does it? (blah. I’m not good with software, but I want to learn well enough to use Valentina.)

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Hi again, @Cockroach If you set all the margins to 0, then there will be a set margin on the right and at the bottom because these are the parts that need to be overlapped so that you don’t miss parts of the pattern. And yes, the pattern does get duplicated on the outside of these margins. Once again, it’s to match the pages to keep your pattern true while pasting the pages together. So there is a certain method in the madness :slight_smile:

In the Layout section, I normally set it to a roll of paper. I like to think of this as the size my fabric, even if it will eventually be printed on A4 paper. image

Once the Layout has generated, I go to the File>Layout>Preview Tiled Pdf. I suggest you set all the margins in the popup to 0 & click on OK:


And then do what I told you to do previously.

This is the result that I get at the bottom right & left corners:


I don’t think that you will get anything better than this.