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I have used Seamly2D in the past but it has been years and there have been several updates. I was hoping to draft pieces for a purse but I’m not sure if that is possible Seamly seems to be for clothing drafting only. Can someone point be in the right direction?


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While Seamly is meant to be optimized for garment drafting, it is quite usable for any flat-pattern drafting. I myself have used it to draft a purse, as well as several craft items. I remember a while back someone using it for a backpack pattern, @Grace has used it to draft, I think it was a gift-box to be constructed out of card board. Most recently, I used Seamly to copy a doll pattern which I had previously sketched out by hand.

Here you can find the topic with my purse draft: Christmas Purse!

Here’s the topic where the tutorial on the backpack was linked: Simple Backpack Pattern

I hope this provides the pointer you were needing! If not, any further questions/clarifications are also welcome.


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Not at all. Yes, it has “known” body measurements for drafting clothing, but there is nothing that precludes one from creating custom measurments, or to skip them entirely and draft based on custom variables that are part of the pattern file.


Thank you! I will check it out.

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Thank you. I found the variables. I forgot that’s what I had used before. I have found that I cannot get to them without either opening SeamlyMe or making my first point on the pattern. That is a change from the last time I used Seamly. It’s kind of frustrating that I have to do that first, but now that I know, it’s a pretty easy fix.

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In SeamlyME, you can create Custom Measurements, which you can use for other measurements that aren’t in the list of codes for garment making, however, for crafts, I find the Variables are more accessable inside the pattern itself, so you don’t need to go & edit the measurements in SeamlyME if you wish to resize the article.

To access the Variables, you need to have Seamly2D open and either create a new file or open a previously created file.

You will find the Variables at: Menu>Measurements>Variables Table, and you can export the variables to CSV, if you wish, but you can’t import a CSV.

I actually used it to design a 1 or 2 Cupcake box with an insert to hold the cupcake in place and a clear plastic window, so that people can see the cupcake inside. I exported the pattern pieces to DXF and imported them into Sihouette Cameo for cutting. It worked really well. I had to do about 200 of the boxes as wedding favours and added text & swirlies in Cameo which printed the cardboard before cutting. So yes, I’ve done quite a few projects like this in Seamly & paired it up to my little cutter.

On the bag side, I’ve made quite a few bags & backpacks and I’ve also used Seamly for laying out different shaped for quilting and printing the templates.

I find that the method of creating a design is much simpler in Seamly than in other vector graphic software because you can totally control the measurements and directions of lines and then you can add a seam allowance later. It works beautifully.

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You don’t have to open SeamlyMe to create / edit variables, but you do have to create a New pattern - which only makes sense as the variables are part of the pattern, not a measurements file. On the other hand you do have to open SeamlyMe to create / edit Custom measurements. Using one or the other or a combination of both allows you to create any type pattern - it doesn’t have to be garment related.


Wow! I found the cupcake design, if anyone’s interested in looking at it :rofl:

CupCakeBox2.val (32.4 KB)